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How can investors put their money in ecofriendly projects and gain residency in New Zealand?

What options does an investor have in New Zealand if they want to put money in ecofriendly funds, or companies that working on reforestation or climate change studies, and also gain residency?

  • Education Overseas Academy
    November 13, 2021

    If Immigration New Zealand (INZ) approves your application for an investor visa, you will have 12 months to transfer your funds to New Zealand and invest in an acceptable investment. The acceptable investments must be able to make a commercial return, have the potential to contribute to New Zealand's economy. Investments can also be in bonds, equities, property or other investments. Philanthropic investments can make up 15% of your acceptable investments. Therefore, you need to establish to INZ that your investments meet their requirements.

  • November 15, 2021

    As long as the proposed investment meets the requirements of "acceptable investments" as defined by Immigration New Zealand, also known as INZ, these investments will count towards the 3 million New Zealand dollars for Investor 2 or NZ$10 million for Investor 1. You can also claim bonus points for growth investments (when over NZ$ 750,000). To my knowledge, there are no bonus points etc. for climate change-related investments.

  • Global Immigration Services NZ
    November 12, 2021

    Generally, the answer is yes and normal investment rules apply in terms of gaining residence.