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How can my company become an incubator of the Portuguese startup visa program?

My company is an Angel investor for many local startups in Portugal. I recently learned about the startup visa program for foreign investors and I would like to know how my company can sign up as an incubator for startups under this program.

  • Mauricio Bartacevicius Advogado
    January 14, 2020

    The Startup Visa is a program for welcoming foreign entrepreneurs wishing to develop entrepreneurship and/or innovation project in Portugal, with a view to granting a residence visa or residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants, which is governed by its own regulations. This program provides for a prior certification process for incubators so that they can be host and support organizations for entrepreneurial immigrants in the creation and installation of technology-based companies. Thus, a Startup Visa takes place in two phases: Entrepreneur applications and subsequent evaluation. The certification of incubators aims to ensure that these entities are able to accommodate third-country nationals, and IAPMEI is responsible for analyzing, selecting and certifying applications, as well as monitoring the implementation of the program.