Mauricio Bartacevicius

Mauricio Bartacevicius

Portugal Immigration Consultant

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Mauricio Bartacevicius is a Portuguese immigration consultant. He currently manages his own legal practice, Mauricio Bartacevicius Advogado, in Portugal, Brazil and the U.K.

Bartacevicius has 18 years of experience in civil law, administrative law, social security and criminal law. He handles general corporate legal matters, drafting contracts and making strategies for legal actions. He also appears for civil, administrative and criminal hearings, and files appeals to local and state courts. With expertise in real estate appraisal and property acquisition-related legal issues, Bartacevicius advises international investors on their property transactions and applications for Portuguese Golden Visas.

Prior to his legal career, Bartacevicius worked at the fire department of the state of São Paulo, where he led a troop of firefighters.

Bartacevicius obtained his law degree from the Faculty of Law of São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil. He is qualified to practice law in Brazil and Portugal.

Bartacevicius speaks Portuguese and English.


Mauricio Bartacevicius Advogado

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