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How can partners of a business obtain Bulgarian residency through a business investment?

My partner and I run a business in India. We want to expand our business and set up a company in Bulgaria. I am not the only investor. How can I qualify for the investor visa with my business partner? Is it possible that more than one shareholder of the new incorporated company in Bulgaria can qualify for the investor visa?

    February 01, 2020

    The most straightforward option for you is to create a Bulgarian company and create full-time jobs for at least 10 local people. This will enable you to obtain residency for yourself. Your wife and children will be also eligible for residency, based on your status in Bulgaria. If your business partner intends to obtain residency permit too, the number of employed people will need to be at least 20 (10 for you and 10 for him). Employing 20 people may be done through one single entity (a company), where you will be co-shareholders with your partner, or in two separate entities.