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How does the Netherlands vet immigrant investor money to make sure it’s legitimate?

What source-of-funds documentation will I need? I have some concerns because I come from a cash-based society. We don’t have an extensive banking system that is trusted, either. Will I face issues about proving my money is legal?

  • Delissen Martens
    February 01, 2019

    Essentially, you have to first deposit the capital of at least 1.25 million euros to be invested into a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU member-state with a branch in the Netherlands. This would already be challenging if there is no paper trail leading to the source of this capital. Secondly, permission has to be given to the Netherlands Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands) to investigate the origin of your capital abroad. But with a lack of or insufficient paper trail, the investigation may fail to provide any conclusive evidence that the capital has not been gained through illegitimate means. There is no predefined list of documents which need to be provided to facilitate the investigation by the FIU-Netherlands.