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Netherlands Investment Immigration Programs Overview

NOTE: The Dutch government has decided to end the RBI program and no RBI applications will be accepted from Jan. 1, 2022.

Like many other European countries, the Netherlands offers a residency permit in the country for foreign investors willing to put a minimum of 1.25 million euros in a Dutch business, invest in the economy and create jobs. The permit is good for three years. Unlike other nations, however, the Netherlands relies on a points-based system to judge an investment’s value.

Citizenship By Investment

NOTE: The Dutch government has decided to end the RBI program and no RBI applications will be accepted from Jan. 1, 2022.

The Netherlands does not have a citizenship-by-investment program, but after five uninterrupted years of permanent residency, applicants can apply for Dutch citizenship. Applicants must prove integration into society — such as speaking Dutch — and, in many cases, renounce their original nationality.

How to Apply

The application starts with getting an MVV, or provisional residency permit. Applicants from Western countries, like the United States, or certain Asian countries, like Japan or South Korea, are exempt from needing an MVV. The investor residency permit and MVV are applied for at the same time. Applications are sent to a Dutch embassy.

Decisions are made within 90 days. If approved, the applicant then travels to the Netherlands. Having health insurance and taking a TB test are required once in the country. The residency permit is good for three years.

The application process costs about 2,100 euros. It must be submitted in Dutch, English, French or German.


A Dutch passport ranks among the best in the world, providing visa-free access to 186 destinations.


The Netherlands’ centralized location in Europe makes it an ideal place to do business, with an overall friendly business environment, an educated workforce and competitive tax structures. Almost the entire population speaks English, the common language of business. The country also boasts an advanced infrastructure, excellent health care, education and low crime rates.

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Citizenship By Investment

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Residency By Investment

For non-E.U./EEA or Swiss citizens, legal residency through the Netherlands’ foreign investor program is attainable by investing at least 1.25 million euros in a Netherlands-based company or an approved fund that invests in a Netherlands-based company. Real estate purchases do not qualify. The capital will be vetted to ensure it was not gained through illegitimate means.

The applicant’s investment will be judged by Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Criteria includes creating at least 10 jobs, being an innovative addition to the Dutch economy, or if the investor adds specific knowledge, networks or clients.

A Dutch residency permit allows free movement in the Schengen Zone. Permanent residency can be obtained after five years.

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