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Is it possible to convert a work visa to permanent residency in Germany?

I just got a job offer from a Berlin-based company. The company promised to sponsor me for a work visa. I plan to take the offer. I understand that a work visa is only valid for a limited time. How can I convert a work visa to a long-term resident permit?

  • GHENDLER RUVINSKIJ Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB
    April 09, 2020

    After entering Germany with a visa for the purpose of employment, you will first be granted a temporary residence permit by the local aliens' registration office. This is usually limited to one year. At the end of the year, the Aliens Department checks whether the requirements are still met, i.e. whether you continue to work. The requirements for the granting of a settlement permit are regulated by Section 18c Residence Act. The provision states the principle that a settlement permit can only be applied for after four years. In addition, holders of an EU Blue Card can be granted a settlement permit after 33 months or 21 months if language skills at level B1 are fulfilled.