Residency By Investment

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Germany Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The German passport is considered one of the most powerful in the world - citizens enjoy visa-free access to 177 countries. While Germany does not have a specific visa program for investors, German residence law allows foreign investors to apply for a three-year national residence permit. Investors are required to either establish their own company or invest a significant amount in a German company. The visa application process takes about a month, however company and investment procedure, and approval by local authorities, may take longer. There is no minimum investment requirement, but it must be a significant investment to create a business and jobs.

Visa holders can obtain a three-year residence permit which can be extended to a permanent residence permit once applicants prove their business is successful. A residence permit can be extended to spouses and underage children or other dependent family members.

Citizenship By Investment

Although Germany does not offer a CBI program, successful residency applicants can obtain citizenship – and a well-regarded EU passport – after being a legal resident of Germany for at least eight years.

How To Apply

Applicants must get an approval letter from the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the local Alien Affairs Office. They must provide a business plan, prove sufficient funds for self-support and for financing the business. The visa application takes about a month.


Citizenship allows visa free access to 177 countries. Residency gives the same rights as German citizens and visa-free travel to Schengen states.


Germany is strategically located in the center of Europe and is the economic powerhouse of the continent. Germany boasts a strong and stable economic infrastructure. It is one of the world’s leading exporters and fourth largest economy.

Residency By Investment

Germany has no specific visa program but investors can get residency. There is no minimum requirement, applicants must invest enough funds to establish a business and create jobs – the general suggested amount is 250,000 euros. Investors will receive a visa for 3 years, which will lead to permanent residence followed by citizenship after 5 years.

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