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Germany Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The German passport is considered one of the most powerful in the world - citizens enjoy visa-free access to 189 countries. While Germany does not have a specific visa program for investors, German residence law allows foreign investors to apply for a three-year national resident permit. Investors are required to either establish their own company or invest a significant amount in a German company. The company formation procedure takes about three to four weeks. The visa application process takes about three months. There is no minimum investment requirement, but there is a minimum requirement on the register capital of a company, which is set at 25,000 euros.

Visa holders can obtain a three-year resident permit that can be extended to a permanent resident permit once applicants prove their business is successful. The spouses and underage children can also apply for family reunion resident permits, which grant them some advantages that other visa types don’t have.

Citizenship By Investment

Although Germany does not offer a CBI program, successful residency applicants can obtain citizenship and a well-regarded EU passport after habitually and legally being a resident in Germany for at least eight years. This period can be reduced to seven years after the successful completion of an integration course, or even to six years with special integration services.

How To Apply

Applications for a resident permit for the purpose of self-employment are assessed by the local Foreigners´ Authority and Chamber of Commerce. Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed business activities could have positive economic impact, and the financing of the business is secured. Business plans, proofs of available capital, employment contracts of managers with salary details, proofs of business registration and excerpts from the commercial register must be provided.

The processing of an application takes about two to three months, depending on the embassies and consulates the applications are submitted to.


Citizenship allows visa free access to 189 countries, including 26 Schengen states.


Germany is strategically located in the center of Europe and is the economic powerhouse of the continent. Germany boasts a strong and stable economic infrastructure. It is one of the world’s leading exporters and fourth largest economy.

Updated by Richard Hoffmann and Aykut Elseven

Residency By Investment

Germany has no specific investment immigration program, but investors (company founder) can apply for a resident permit for the purpose of self-employment. There is no minimum requirement for the investment amount, but there is a minimum requirement for the register capital of a company, which is set at 25,000 euros. At least 12,500 euros must be placed in a bank account when registering the company. A GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is a limited liability company and is the most common type of company because it can be set up by one person who can act as the director and shareholder at the same time.

Investors will receive a resident permit valid for three years. If other requirements are met, they can then apply for permanent residency.

Updated by Richard Hoffmann and Aykut Elseven

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