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What are the restrictions of dependents of an investor visa holder of Italy?

If I apply for the investor visa, can my spouse and minor children apply together with me or do I have to file separate applications for them after my visa is granted? Does my spouse have the right to work in Italy if she comes?

  • Avv. Andrea Parisi
    November 01, 2018

    Sure, if you apply for the investor visa, your spouse and minor children will be able to apply together with you (i.e., you'll apply for a multiple visa). And, of course, your spouse will have the right to work in Italy if she comes.

  • LCA Studio Legale
    November 01, 2018

    Family members of an investor visa holder may apply for and obtain a resident permit for family reasons. In particular, spouses and children under the age of 18 do fall under the broader category of "dependents" entitled to the above. As for the procedure for the obtainment, dependents may opt for different solutions. First, for an accompanying family members visa and permit, family members may apply for the family visa at the Italian consulate/embassy in their country of residence while they and the holder of the investor visa are still residing abroad, plan to travel together and jointly enter Italy. In this case the family members will enter Italy with the family visa, along with the investor visa holder, and they will both apply for their residence permit upon arrival in Italy. Second is the family reunion authorization (nulla osta). If family members did not make the initial trip to Italy with the investor visa holder but intend to travel there separately to join him/her at some later point, they have to apply for a family reunion authorization and for the relevant visa at the Italian consulate/embassy in their country of residence, upon obtainment of which they will be allowed to enter Italy and apply for their resident permit. Third is family cohesion for family members who entered Italy as tourists and who may decide to remain in Italy with the investor visa and resident permit holder. In this case, they have to change their immigration status through a conversion process, from tourist visa to permit of stay for family reasons. The procedures described above can be initiated with a different timing but, in any case, they require the prior obtainment of the investor visa by the principal. Dependents - over 18 years of age or less only in the cases allowed by Italian law - once they have entered Italy and their resident permit application has been duly submitted, are entitled to carry out subordinate or autonomous work activities.

  • Mazzeschi Srl
    November 02, 2018

    The law does not make any specification for the family, but I think that once the principal obtains the clearance for his visa, the spouse and children (younger than 18) can apply simultaneously. They will need to provide legalized marriage and birth certificates. Yes, family permit allows the spouse to work once it is issued.

  • Rossi & Rossi Law Firm
    November 07, 2018

    Yes, the investor is allowed to bring his wife and children with him. They will receive a resident permit for family reasons. The investor's wife is allowed to work in Italy.