Andrea Parisi

Andrea Parisi

Italy Immigration Advisor

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Andrea Parisi is an Italian immigration attorney. He is a sole practitioner of his firm, Avv. Andrea Parisi, based in London and Lamezia Terme, Italy.

Regarding immigration law, Parisi helps foreigners settle in Italy and become Italian residents. He also practices estate planning, wills, trusts, probate law, income tax planning, business formations, business dissolutions and divorce litigation.

Since 2007, Parisi has been managing the national training institute of the Junior Chamber International in Italy and is a member of the national board of the association.

Parisi has conducted training courses for companies on topics such as team building, leadership, public speaking, negotiation skills, management skills, sales and crisis management. The companies have been in the travel, delivery, engineering and food service industries, among others.

Parisi has a law degree from University of Pisa.

Parisi speaks Italian, English and French.


Avv. Andrea Parisi

Corso Giovanni Nicotera, 167

Lamezia Terme


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