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What are the requirements on medical certificates for Greek Golden Visa applicants?

What is required for the medical insurance and medical condition of applicants? Does it apply to all applicants, including the dependents? What happens if applicants do not have medical insurance. Can the Greek government cover any kind of medical needs?

  • Penny Konitsioti
    September 05, 2019

    Please be aware that there is currently only one prerequisite for medical insurance that needs to be made by the applicant for himself and the dependents as well to a private insurance company. It's not of a high amount, though. It's approximately 250 euros per person.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    September 02, 2019

    Every applicant and his family members, among the other documentation, have to submit also a certification by an insurance agency for the cost of hospitalization and medical care, as per the minimum requirements set by law. To certify that this condition is fulfilled, the following are accepted: insurance contracts which have been signed outside Greece, provided that they explicitly mention that they cover the interested party for the duration of their stay in Greece; and insurance contracts which have been signed in Greece.

  • Stilianos Ch. Proestakis
    August 29, 2019

    This exemption is allowed, provided the corresponding copy of the medical certificate is completed from a recognized state or private institution and according to the degree of credibility of the health services of the third country. This certifies that the third-country citizen does not have any condition which can pose a risk to public health, according to the international epidemiological standards and the World Health Organization. It also shows that she/he does not have any other infectious, contagious or parasitic diseases which necessitate the imposition of safety measures for the protection of public health, and hence fully correspond to the provisions of article 10, law 3386/2005, and Ministerial Decision 933/2009. Certification by an insurance agency for the cost of hospitalization and medical care.