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What education benefits are available for Panama investor residents?

I want to relocate my family using a business investor visa. Assuming that visa is approved, I am curious about the educational benefits provided to my family as legal residents of Panama. Do they have free education, early childhood education and free college? Do we have to become citizens to receive these benefits?

  • Panama Global Solutions
    March 07, 2019

    As a permanent resident, your children may attend public schools for all elementary and high school levels. There are also a couple of state universities that are quite affordable. There’s no need to become citizens to enjoy these benefits.

  • Kraemer & Kraemer
    March 06, 2019

    Regardless of the residency type that you obtain, education is equal for nationals or foreigners. You can have access to private or public schools or universities.

  • Mulford Abogados
    March 07, 2019

    Please note that in Panama there are no education benefits available for Panama investor residents. Children in Panama can attend public schools and public college with low fees. These are benefits for all children in Panama, whether they are citizens or residents.