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What evidence do I need to provide to prove that the real estate investment company will invest exclusively in Greece?

I know of a third-country real estate investment company that has projects in Greece. I would like to work with them and invest 400,000 euros to support my Golden Visa application. I understand that to qualify, the investment company must invest exclusively in Greece. What documents do I need to provide to prove that the money I put in the company will be used exclusively in Greece?

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    December 06, 2019

    The kind of investment of a minimum of 400,000 euros you are mentioning is something different from the real estate investment option. Both options, according to the Greek Immigration Law, grant to the investor the Golden Visa residence permit. In the second case, you can buy directly a property from the third country real estate company’s projects, with at least 250,000 euros. In the first case, you are entitled only if you buy shares by participating either to a mutual fund or alternative investment organizations. And they have to prove their related permission and their exclusive investments in the Greek real estate market. In such a case, the minimum investment amount begins from 400,000 euros.

  • Stilianos Ch. Proestakis
    December 06, 2019

    The applicant would be able to invest in an already established Greek company trading on regulated markets or multilateral trading facilities operating in Greece. The capital injection can be done by becoming a shareholder and participating in the capital increase of the company or by bonds. The investment amount should once again be 400.000 € and above.