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What is the current status of New Zealand's Investor Visa program?

I've heard the program is not active and that very few applications are getting approved, if at all. What's your advice if I want to apply during the pandemic? Should I wait for a few more months?

  • Education Overseas Academy
    October 02, 2021

    Immigration New Zealand confirms that their offices in New Zealand are open. Although certain types of visas are processed, currently, there is no clarity on the selection of expression of interest for investor visas. Immigration New Zealand’s current update provides that most visa processing for applicants outside New Zealand is on hold due to Covid-19.  Accordingly, it would be better to wait for few more months.

  • Global Immigration Services NZ
    October 01, 2021

    They have restarted the program, but like everything else it is all very slow.

  • October 04, 2021

    Applications are being processed, but it takes a long time before they are allocated to an immigration officer. Processing does not seem to have priority with Immigration New Zealand (INZ). To my knowledge, they will also not be approved for applicants that are currently outside New Zealand and do not qualify for a border exception. On the other hand, you can submit an expression of interest (Investor 2) and it puts you in the queue once processing picks up again. Just be prepared to wait.