What rights does Vanuatu honorary citizenship bestow?

I had read about a Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment recipient being treated differently than a native-born Vanuatu citizen. Is this the case? How and why are they different?


On February 07, 2019 Laszlo Kiss answered:

The difference between Vanuatu citizenship and honorary citizenship is that honorary citizens are not permitted to vote, not permitted to take a job in a government position, and are not permitted to enter into politics. Other than the above, the privileges and rights of ordinary and honorary citizens are the same.

On February 08, 2019 James Elcocke-Harris answered:

I would like to inform you that I have just left Vanuatu after a short visit and was told that the "honorary" designation/distinction is about to be removed in forthcoming legislation that we are expecting to see this month.

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