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Would I need to get an EU vaccine certificate first before I visit Portugal in June to explore investment options?

I'm a businessman from a non-EU country. I've heard the EU is launching its vaccine passports in June. Would I need to get that first before I make plans to visit Portugal in the summers to explore investment opportunities in person?

  • Miranda & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados R.L.
    May 03, 2021

    The European Commission has proposed the creation of a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate the safe and secure free movement of citizens within the EU during the pandemic of COVID-19. However, up to this date, there is no EU vaccine certificate in place. The Portuguese authorities are only requesting that all passengers of any nationality, with the exception of children under 24 months old, present proof of negative results of a PCR test for screening for SARS-COV2 infection, performed within 72 hours prior to boarding. Foreign citizens who board without the above-mentioned PCR test will be refused entry into Portuguese territory.

  • N-Advogados
    April 19, 2021

    Foreign investors or people who want to visit Portugal don’t need to get an EU vaccine certificate; until now, there are not any mandatory laws about that.

  • Azevedo Legal
    April 19, 2021

    You don't need a vaccine to enter Portugal, just a negative PCR test.