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Uglobal Immigration Magazine is pleased to announce the Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs for 2023. To be eligible, distinguished global migration agency CEOs needed to represent clients on outbound investments and migration solutions to other countries.




Babak Ahmadi is the CEO and founder of Arcasia Advisors. An entrepreneur and real estate investor, he is a leading name in the EB-5 industry with global connections. He orchestrates U.S. permanent residency through strategic EB-5 investments. Fluent in five languages, he collaborates with top industry professionals for seamless client success. Under his guidance, Arcasia Advisors excels, delivering integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled results.



HQ: Taiwan

Rick Chang is the CEO of Luby International Immigration Consulting Co. Bringing over three decades of experience in immigration, the distinguished Luby team collaborates with renowned legal and financial professionals to deliver unparalleled services across Asia. Luby boasts a robust global presence with 10 branches in Canada, the U.S., and Taiwan, ensuring prompt client support. Recognized as a trailblazer in the industry, Luby has consistently secured top rankings from Uglobal Immigration Magazine since 2018.



HQ: China

Vincent Chen, the co-founder and managing director of Visas Consulting Group (VCG), stands as a pioneering figure in the EB-5 industry, having navigated its various stages of development. His educational journey, marked by a master's degree from Yale University, equipped him with profound knowledge of asset management. This knowledge has been pivotal in steering VCG to its current status as a highly esteemed agent, both among partners and clients. Currently, Chen is based in Los Angeles, continuing his influential work in the field.



HQ: Taiwan

Founder and chairman of Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group, Jordan Chen entered the field of international immigration in 1995, and established the Metropolitan brand in 2005. Metropolitan has set up five offices in Taiwan’s main cities and one office in Hong Kong. In addition to its immigration business that encompasses outbound, inbound and citizenship matters, the company’s services also include international education and international real estate businesses. Upholding the key principles of “value, loyalty, sustainability,” Metropolitan has earned a solid reputation and built a strong corporate brand, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for both the company and clients, continuously creating value in the international immigration business.



HQ: Singapore

Pearce Cheng is the founder and CEO of AIMS Group of Companies. With over 20 years of experience in immigration consultancy and wealth management, he has led the rapid expansion of AIMS Group, growing from a single office in Singapore to 10 additional overseas offices across Asia with over 300 employees. Before founding AIMS Group, Cheng worked as a banker at DBS Bank, managing a portfolio of high-net-worth clients. Prior to DBS Bank, he was a financial service manager and premier adviser at Prudential Assurance.



HQ: South Korea

Selena Choi has been selected as one of Uglobal’s Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs six years in a row. It is the goal of Selena Emigration to provide their clients with in-depth consultations covering detailed information and know-how on immigration, including USA, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Caribbean CIP programs and Vanuatu citizenship, as well as abroad study, taxation, and real estate investment.  After having published three books on emigration, “Selena Immigration Story” I (2017) & II (2020), and “Emigration Trend” (2023), Choi’s new book on U.S. real estate and taxation is expected to be published in 2024. She believes that a well-prepared immigration is the beginning of a happy life change.



HQ: Vietnam

Vinh Dang is founder and CEO of Khai Phu Investments & Migration Agency. Based in Vietnam, the agency is a veteran immigration consultancy that continues to expand. Khai Phu has helped hundreds of Vietnamese HNWIs to invest and migrate all over the world. The majority of their clients migrate to the U.S., Australia and various parts of Europe, or simply want a second passport. Dang has led the company to build an excellent reputation throughout its years of operations and received many client commendations, as well as industry awards.



HQ: China

Vivian Ding is the founder, chairman and CEO of QWOS Group. She was one of the pioneers in the exploration of the Chinese market for U.S. EB-5 investment immigration, as well as Hong Kong and Macao investment settlement projects. Ding has received accolades in the China overseas studying and immigration industry, was selected one of the Top 10 Influential People in China Service Industry, and won numerous awards for outstanding contributions to the Chinese immigration industry. In 1999, Ding founded QWOS and has consistently provided full-process star-rated services to every single applicant and family. Over the years, she has made outstanding contributions to the exchange of immigration between China and the rest of the world.



HQ: Vietnam

Camly Duong is the CEO and founder of ImmiCa EB-5 and US Home. These companies offer Vietnamese individuals the opportunity to invest in properties in North America, Canada, and Europe. They are part of the Camly Investment Platform, a business group that provides specialized services in investor immigration, real estate, financial investment, and technology industries. With over a decade of experience in the financial and immigration investment industry, Duong has raised more than $500M for various real estate projects in the US. In 2020, Uglobal Immigration Magazine recognized her as one of the Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs.



HQ: Singapore

Henry Fan is the CEO and founder of Globevisa Group. He founded this firm along with his partners in 2002 and has been instrumental in its expansion by opening offices worldwide, which eventually grew into one of the largest RCBI firms in the world. Fan led Globevisa Group to become a prominent immigration brand by providing advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and key clients on enhancing international mobility, residency and citizenship planning, and international asset allocation. He believes the true value of the immigration industry lies in making clients realize the number of options they have. 



HQ: China

Xiaoping Gong is the chairman of Beijing JJL Exit & Entry Consulting & Service Co., Ltd. He has always adhered to the service concept of "customer-oriented" in business operations, advocated the spirit of meticulousness in every aspect, and proposed the concept of "competition and cooperation" in the industry. He was unanimously re-elected as vice president of Beijing Immigration and Entry-Exit Service Industry Association. He led JJL to lay out a global strategy, actively explore and innovate, and move forward toward the goal of becoming an overseas service group with the whole industrial chain mainly focusing on immigration and overseas study.



HQ: Vietnam

Trudi Hoang, CEO of Citizen Pathway Investment Co., Ltd, brings a decade of experience in investment and migration. She has successfully guided over 600 families through the EB-5 program. Hoang works closely with top-tier partners, including immigration attorneys, to carefully select premium projects and efficiently manage visa applications for immigration investment programs in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Her experience in U.S. real estate investments has resulted in profitable outcomes. Her leadership has established Citizen Pathway as a leading company in Vietnam's investment and migration consultancy sector, serving a diverse client base.



HQ: South Korea

Keum-hee Hong is the CEO of Club Emigration. She has played a pioneering role in the Korean immigration market since 1990, always working diligently from her clients’ point of view. She has sought to establish a safe program, and as a result, Club Emigration is a leading immigration business with a successful track record.



HQ: China 

Zhenglian “Jenny” Jin is the founder of the Royal Immigration brand. With over 10 years of experience in overseas investment and immigration industry, she is one of the pioneers who introduced employer-sponsored immigration programs in China. She is the Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Private Entry and Exit Association and has been selected as one of the Top 10 women entrepreneurs in the immigration industry. A well-known philanthropist, she has participated in many domestic public welfare activities and successfully helped numerous families achieve their dream of immigration. She frequently travels to various countries around the world, working closely with local governments and immigration professionals.



HQ: Vietnam

Wonjoon Kang is the managing director of Kornova Investments Inc. He has more than 15 years of immigration consulting experience, with a presence in the key EB-5 markets of Vietnam, Korea and China. He has assisted more than 5,000 families to attain permanent residency status in the United States and Canada, and has raised more than $1.3 billion of immigration-related investment capital. He has successfully funded more than 10 different EB-5 projects since 2011. Prior to working in the immigration field, Kang was the exclusive agent of a division of a Korean conglomerate for Canadian export products. He has traveled extensively with government-led trade missions to East Asia to foster business and cooperation.



HQ: India

Sandhya Kapoor is a director at ActiveAvenues, where she leads the effort to provide customized residency and citizenship via investment solutions to the firm’s HNWI patrons. ActiveAvenues is one of the pioneers in the EB-5 space, and has also expanded its product offering to include programs for various European and Caribbean jurisdictions. Kapoor has considerable experience in the Indian business environment, which she leverages to create awareness regarding various investment migration programs and to identify investors across a diverse range of industries. She holds valuable ‘on the ground’ experience in what is being referred to as the fastest growing investment migration market.



HQ: South Korea

Allis Kim, who has been in the migration industry for 26 years, is the founder of Kookmin Emigration Corporation based in South Korea. A prominent EB-5 migration agent with vast experience, Kim serves as the CEO of Kookmin Emigration Corporation, which is a leading firm in the South Korean EB-5 market. The firm has provided an online community for more than 500 existing clients who are currently going through the EB-5 process.



HQ: India

Jay Mehta, director at FRR Immigration, has been an integral part of the FRR Group since 2014. Holding a bachelor's degree in marketing and management and an MBA in marketing from Bentley University, Boston, Mehta initially contributed to FRR by serving a diverse clientele in India's capital market. In 2016, he played a pivotal role in establishing FRR Immigration. Leading the Immigration by Investment division, he has successfully raised over $50 million across various programs. As a registered representative with a FINRA member broker-dealer in the U.S., Mehta brings experience and leadership to FRR's global ventures.



HQ: China

Kent Qiu is the founder and president of Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd, a consultant company recognized by the Ministry of Public Security of China and licensed to operate in the areas of personal travel and immigration. Qiu has more than 22 years of experience and has received numerous honors and awards. His company provides customers with consulting services in immigration, business tours, student authorization, and other visa-related issues. M.C.D.’s services encompass a number of regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as European and Asian countries. Before starting his own business, Qiu worked as a visa assistant in the U.S. Consulate-General in Guangzhou, China. He was one of the earliest originators and council members of the Guangdong Entry-Exit Association. Qiu received his Executive MBA from Minnesota State University. 



Vivek Tandon is the founder and CEO of EB5 BRICS – the go-to source for everything related to the EB-5 green card program. A lawyer and an investment banker, Tandon’s primary focus is on educating investors in India and Dubai about the EB-5 visa program, as well as EB-5 regional center projects and investments. Tandon holds FINRA and SEC securities licenses and is associated with Sequence Financial Specialists – a boutique investment banking firm and managing broker-dealer for alternative investments including EB-5. As a financial professional, he focuses on the investment side of EB-5 and helps investors make a sound investment decision based on extensive project and regional center due diligence.



HQ: China

Pillar Wang is president of Aucanlink International Group. Wang obtained his MBA from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005 and published China’s first graduate thesis on immigration. He took the lead in launching the development strategy of "safety first" in the immigration industry, which attracted wide attention from the industry. In 2007, he founded Aucanlink International Group, and in 2014, he co-authored the Selection Standard Tool Manual of American EB-5 Investment Immigration Program in the industry with senior EB-5 professionals. After 17 years of development, Aucanlink International Group has become prominent in China in matters of immigration, overseas education, overseas real estate development, overseas investment, and other comprehensive business groups.



HQ: China

Zheng Wang is the president of the Zhejiang Province Entry-Exit Industry Association and the founder of Shinyway Emigration. She graduated with an executive MBA from the China Europe International Business School in 2015, completed the Global Finance program at Tsinghua University's PBC School of Finance from 2020 to 2023, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in global finance at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Wang is a senior professional in the field of overseas investment and emigration with more than 20 years of working experience. She possesses a profound understanding of the global immigration policy and overseas investment opportunities, delving into the global asset allocation strategies of high-net-worth Chinese families.



HQ: Hong Kong

Dr. Winner Xing Xinli is the chairman of Worldway Group and executive chairman of Worldway Fortune Club. He also serves as chairman of Hong Kong Capital Investor Association, and is an executive member of the Macau General Association of Real Estate and the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce. He is an honorary chairman of Shenzhen Enterprise Investors Association. Under his leadership, Worldway became one of the first immigration companies in China to serve in the U.S. EB-5 program space.



HQ: China

Henry Zou is an entrepreneur and business leader with more than 30 years of experience in the global migration industry. As the founder of Henry Group, he has raised $4 billion of EB-5 funds in total and helped 30,000 Chinese families to relocate to North America. Zou also assisted tens of thousands of Chinese students to study in leading universities in North America and Europe. For the last decade, he has advocated globalizing in the four new aspects of education, identity, enterprise, and asset. He received his doctor’s degree from McMaster University in Canada in 1991.



HQ: China

Rachel Zou is the managing director of LianHong Overseas Consultants Ltd. The firm’s head office is located in Guangzhou, China, with branches in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Zou is recognized as one of the leading EB-5 professionals in China. She began promoting EB-5 projects in China in 2004 and organized the first Chinese EB-5 tour to the United States to visit an Almond Farm EB-5 project on-site in California. Since then, LianHong Overseas Consultants Ltd. has promoted over 90 EB-5 projects successfully under her leadership and is the only company that has successfully promoted more than 30 EB-5 equity projects in China. Zou has also been appointed as the vice chairwoman of the Guangdong Entry & Exit Immigration Association. She holds an MBA from an overseas university, and has shared her knowledge in the area of EB-5 immigrant investments as a speaker at various events.




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