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Is it possible to eventually become a Japanese citizen with an investor visa?

I received an investor visa about a year ago and am following in love with the country, its people and culture. I would like to stay permanently as a citizen. Is there a possible route to do this? Do you have any advice on how to best achieve it?

  • Administrative Scrivener Office Visaed80
    January 31, 2019

    There are two ways for you to permanently reside in Japan. First is by obtaining Japanese citizenship. In this connection, you must reside in Japan for at least five years. Second is by obtaining permanent resident status, which requires residency in Japan for 10 years or more. With respect to obtaining permanent resident status, Japan employs a point-based system for high-skilled foreign professionals. According to the scoring standards of the Japan immigration bureau, you can apply for and obtain Permanent Resident status after three years and you have earned 70 points or after just one year and you have earned 80 points or more.

  • Nakai Immigration Services LPC
    February 03, 2019

    It is possible to apply for Japanese citizenship after a five-year legal stay. A sound income and stable job, good conduct, Japanese-language proficiency and other aspects will be examined.