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Japan Investment Immigration Programs Overview

Foreign investors can get permanent residency in Japan in a period of only one year through the Investor Business Manager Visa. A benefit for investors with permanent residency is access to low mortgage interest financing through Japanese banks to purchase real estate.

Highly skilled foreigners are eligible to apply for permanent residency under a fast-track system that assigns permanent resident visas based on a point system. Japan's Ministry of Justice introduced the points-based system in 2012 for applicants who fall into three categories of activities: advanced academic research, advanced specialized/technical and advanced business management.

The required minimum residence period before applying for permanent resident status is three years for those scoring above 70 points and just a year for those scoring over 80 points. Other achievements by the applicants can achieve extra points under the new system, such as employment in technology and other growth industries, being a graduate of a top university and a career as a successful high net worth investor.

Citizenship By Investment

While Japan does not have a CBI program, permanent residency can be obtained in one year.

How To Apply

Apply to the Immigration Bureau of Japan which should take a few months to process.


Citizens have visa free access to 175 countries.


Japan is the world’s third largest economy. The economy has seen growth for seven consecutive quarters, the longest growth streak in almost two decades. Japan has pro-business policies and is known for its commitment to research and development and technology leadership. Japan has one of the highest educated labor forces in the world with low levels of unemployment.

Residency By Investment

Under Japan’s residency by investment program, for investors creating their own business in Japan they must have a company registered in Japan and have a physical office and 5 million Yen capital requirement or two full-time employees. For investors managing an existing business in Japan they must have at least 3 years of experience in business management or operations and have the same salary or more than a Japanese national for a similar job.

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