Takao  Koguchi

Takao Koguchi

Japan Immigration Lawyer (GyoseiShoshi Lawyer)

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Takao Koguchi is a Japanese immigration Lawyer. Currently, he is the head and legal representative of Visaed80, a Tokyo-based administrative scrivener office which employs 10 staff members from four countries.

Visaed80 was founded in 2001. It has since acquired more than 18 years of experience in Japanese immigration. It offers professional legal services to individuals and enterprises around the world to obtain employment-based visas, as well as permanent residency, including family-based permanent residence and citizenship for non-Japanese individuals. Visaed80 also specializes in the establishment of companies and procurement of business-related permits, particularly for the construction industry.

In addition to his position at Visaed80, Koguchi serves as a lecturer at seminars to assist Japanese enterprises in the selection and hiring of foreigners and help such foreigners obtain and maintain legal resident status in Japan.

Visaed80 maintains a strategic alliance with a law firm in the United States, which provides immigration assistance to potential investors seeking permanent residency, entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business, and companies looking to expand their presence by establishing new offices in the United States. Because of this cooperative relationship, Visaed80 can deal with U.S. immigration matters in Japan more easily.

Koguchi has a bachelor’s degree from Waseda University in Japan. He is licensed to practice as an administrative scrivener in Japan.

Koguchi speaks Japanese and English.


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