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What do Japanese officials look for when approving investment immigrant residency?

I am interested in the fast-track permanent residency program, possibly through the advanced specialized/technical route. What kind of skills are required? Are there certain preferable professional fields? Do I need an employer sponsor before applying? Please advise.

  • Nakai Immigration Services LPC
    April 04, 2019

    Officials look for the amount of investment, office space, feasibility/stability of business and other aspects. No specific skill is required for the fast-track PR program, while salary, age, educational background, business career and others will be examined to calculate points. Any professional field is acceptable. You need an employment in Japan for the advanced specialized/technical HSP.

  • Administrative Scrivener Office Visaed80
    April 11, 2019

    The fast-track system you mentioned pertains to working visas for highly skilled foreign professionals. While there are three categories of activities that may be engaged in by highly skilled professionals, it would appear that you fall under advanced specialized/technical activities. Japan applies a scoring system, wherein the visa applicant’s score is determined according to a number of factors, such as academic background, professional career, annual salary and age. You must attain a score of at least 70 points to qualify for this visa. In addition, you must have an employer sponsor. Once you obtain this status of residence for highly skilled professionals, you can apply for permanent residency after a minimum of three years. If you are considered particularly skilled (i.e., having a score of 80 points), after a minimum of one year of residency, you can already apply for permanent residency.