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What are the best way to find off-market deals?

We are new to U.S. real estate investing and are looking to acquire a mid-sized portfolio and are open to a number of asset classes. We are obviously aware of a number of deals that are publicly being offered, but are interested in seeing deals that are not so visibly touted. What is the best way to find off-market deals in the U.S.?

  • Ching & Seto, APC
    April 12, 2018

    The best way to find off-market deals or pocket listings is to work with a broker to send out inquiries to potential properties. There are public databases showing who owns property and you can use the databases to either call or send letters to find out if the owners are willing to sell.

  • SVN (Sperry Van Ness) - Rich Investment Real Estate Partners
    April 12, 2018

    Establishing relationships with real estate brokers.

  • WenWinSolutions
    April 12, 2018

    You should hire experienced consultant(s) who specialize in the specific sectors/asset class/markets.

  • Managing Director, Regent Park Advisors
    April 13, 2018

    Working with advisors who are connected into local markets and advisors who might be connected within a certain sector nationally.

  • Greenberg Traurig, LLP
    April 14, 2018

    Very difficult for an offshore investor, as it takes deep relationships with various real estate owners or industry professionals to find off-market opportunities. Often, a leading lawyer, accountant or other advisor will have knowledge of such an opportunity in a particular market, but those are very hit-and-miss, and most off-market deals happened either when principals know each other or there is a common personal relationship with an individual that connects a buyer and seller.

  • Farazad Investments
    April 13, 2018

    Everyone seeks for off-market opportunities in every corner of the World! Our experience with acquiring 90% of our transaction off-market is by interactions with sellers by attending events that are non-related to the industry. For example, going to an event that is hospitality focused would not "always" be the right place to find off-market ops. However, going to a design and concept event has more building owners visiting for ideas, which allows interaction and personal dialogue to take place. Of course, this does not always work out but, it is always a start.

  • Sumihiro Investments, LLC
    April 13, 2018

    That is the work of consultants that have a broad base of contacts in each state. The consultant should look at real estate trends, developers, bank financing transactions (to the extent available) as well as real estate transactions that are recorded at the local government. It is very difficult being overseas to find off-market deals.

  • Core Capital Asia 中国海外地产
    April 13, 2018

    The best way to find off-market deals is to build relationships with firms that have access to them. The Uglobal platform has access to a number of firms.

    April 12, 2018

    When you said "off-market," I assume that you are referring to properties not listed on MLS. Unless you are talking about residential homes, almost everything in this industry is up for sale if the price is good. The best way to purchase these so-called "off-market" properties is to identify the key players in the local real estate industry. Before you approach, make sure that you can establish your credibility. You want to show that you are worth their time.

  • SPC Advisors, LLC
    April 19, 2018

    The fastest route to off-market deals is working with the right people in your market. Real estate is a people business and it is all a question of who you know. I am working on an advisory assignment for a doctor who is interested in a medical office building on the east end of Long Island. I know the best broker in the market and have worked with her for years. Not only did she find an off-market deal, but she also found a developer friend who offered to build out a medical office building in his new centrally located center. I am a great believer in working with the right people. There may be a cost in the beginning, but with the right people, there is always value added.