Canada adds new permanent residency streams for Hongkongers

Article By Uglobal Staff

By Uglobal Staff

Canada has launched two new permanent residency streams for talented Hongkongers who are already present in the country. Stream A focuses on fresh graduates while Stream B is for qualified workers from Hong Kong.

The new permanent residency scheme will be open to all Hongkongers, whether they have a passport issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under China, or the British National (Overseas) one by the UK.

This is the third visa stream that has been opened to eligible Hongkongers. Just four months back on Feb. 8, Canada announced a new work permit scheme for Hongkongers, allowing them to stay and gain work experience in the country for up to three years, while also allowing them a faster route to permanent residency. Later in May, Canada also relaxed the education requirements for this particular stream.


Hongkong natives applying for the two new permanent residency streams must be on temporary residency in Canada already and would also be required to be physically present in the country when applying for the residency as well as when it is eventually granted to them.

Those applying for Stream A that focuses on fresh graduates would be required to prove that their higher education degrees were completed in Canada within the last three years; those with online education degrees would also be eligible for the permanent residency stream, provided that at least 50% of their degree program was carried out inside Canada. Apart from bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees, those with at least two-year long diplomas would also be eligible to apply.

Those applying for Stream B would have to prove that they worked at least a whole year in a full-time job in Canada within the last three years. Part-timers would also be eligible provided they clocked in at least 1,560 hours within the same 3-year time period. Hong Kong workers who apply for this residency stream would also be required to hold either a bachelor's or a higher degree, or at least a 2-year long diploma.


In a statement released on June 8, Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino said the new visa stream was aimed at attracting talented Hongkongers who would contribute to the country's economy.

“With young Hongkongers casting their eyes abroad, we want them to choose Canada. Our Hong Kong immigration pathway is a historic initiative, intended to attract talented applicants who will drive our economy forward,” he said.

"Skilled Hongkongers will have a unique opportunity to both develop their careers and help accelerate our recovery. This landmark initiative will strengthen our economy and deepen the strong ties between Canada and the people of Hong Kong,” Mendicino said.

Canada is not the only country looking to attract talent and wealthy people from Hong Kong. In July 2020, the UK announced a new BNO visa for Hongkongers. On Jan. 31, 2021, the UK’s Home Office began accepting applications for the new BNO visa, which could also lead to a path to British citizenship for Hong Kong residents.

Both the UK and Canada cite the recent changes in the Chinese security law in Hong Kong for the recent visa and residency streams they have provided to Hongkongers.

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