Romania to launch new visa for digital nomads soon

Article By Uglobal Staff

By Uglobal Staff

Romania will soon officially launch a new visa program geared towards attracting remote workers from around the world who earn as low as 1,100 euros.

A draft law to this effect was submitted to the Romanian parliament on May 12, which is expected to be passed soon.

The proposed visa program will allow foreigners, especially those from non-EU states, to obtain long-term permits allowing them to stay in Romania and work remotely for foreign companies. Foreigners who operate their own companies would also be eligible if they meet the minimum income requirements, which has been set to at least 1,100 euros per month. Applicants would also have to show proof they have earned this minimum income from a remote job for a period of at least six months prior to applying for the visa; have a valid health insurance and a certificate proving no prior criminal convictions are listed in the criteria.

One of the major attractions for remote workers to opt for the southeastern European country, which has a population of less than 20 million, is the fact that it is known for having a low cost of living; plus its internet infrastructure is also said to be robust.

The proposed minimum income threshold for remote workers would also be very competitive in the region and may be the lowest one in Central and Eastern Europe once the law passes.

In Georgia, for example, one must earn at least 1,655 euros per month in order to qualify for the country's visa program targeted towards digital nomads. Estonia's minimum income threshold for such visas is 3,504 euros; Croatia only gives long-term visa to remote workers who earn at least 2,240 euros per month.

Romanian deputy Diana Buzoianu, who is said to have initiated the Romania visa program for foreign remote workers, said the reason why the income threshold was kept so low was because she did not want to "limit the visa to just a small percentage of employees or entrepreneurs…The average income in a country is a good criteria related to the average cost of living,” she told media.

"I believe that setting the amount in relation with the average income is a way of attracting more digital nomads.”

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