Peru launches South America’s latest digital nomad visa

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By Marta Lillo

On Nov. 14, the government of Peru published a decree law that sets up the country's first digital nomad visa program, Digital Nomad-Residence.

According to the Superintendency of Migration, the visa is given to foreigners seeking to work remotely from Peru while exploring its numerous tourist attractions. It will be issued for a renewable one-year term.

"The new migratory status of 'digital nomad,' recently incorporated into the Migration Law, will make it easier for foreigners to choose Peru as a place from where they can work remotely for foreign companies while at the same time getting to know and enjoy the various tourist attractions of Peru," said the government agency in a statement.

Once implemented, authorities expect the digital nomad visa to help strengthen the country's current immigration system, protect national security, and allow legal and orderly entry into the country.

The change is part of the country's efforts to align with global trends in remote work, the Superintendency said.

Who is Peru's digital nomad visa meant for?

Foreigners working for a company based outside Peru and freelancers can apply for the new digital nomad visa, allowing them to live and work in Peru for up to one year, with an option to extend. Further details on salary and financial requirements haven’t yet been released.

Digital Nomad visa holders won't be able to work for a Peru-based company or receive income from within Peru; income must be generated abroad while living there.

Changes introduced by Peru's new digital nomad visa

The decree also introduces a new visa for citizens of fellow Andean countries, which include Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador, to encourage immigration and trade with these countries.

Previously, foreigners who freelanced or worked for foreign employers were eligible for Peruvian tourist visas. However, they could only be extended to a maximum of 90 days, limiting holders’ ability to continue living and traveling in the country.

The decree will also reduce the validity periods of local identification cards for foreign residents and will simplify deportation procedures for foreigners perceived to be a security threat.

Peru joins other countries that recently launched new digital nomad visa programs or revamped ongoing programs, such as the Czech Republic, Colombia, Spain, and Montenegro.

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