UAE opens golden visa residency program to all foreign doctors

Article By Uglobal Staff

By Uglobal Staff

The UAE government has announced that all foreign doctors and their families are now eligible to apply for the country's golden visa residency program.

The latest move is a step towards making the country more attractive for health experts from around the world.

"The UAE government is allowing all doctors residing in the country to apply for the golden visa program that would grant them and their families 10-year long residency,” the government announcement said.

"This will enhance their sense of stability and contribute to attracting the best health experts and skills from different parts of the world.”

All doctors licensed by the UAE health regulatory bodies can apply for the golden visa between July 2021 to September 2022 through the website, the government said via its state-run Emirates News Agency.

“Dubai-licensed doctors may apply through The concerned government departments will receive and review the applications to issue the golden visa for those who qualify.”

The UAE, which has for decades relied heavily on a large foreign workforce to run its economy, has lately taken several steps to continue making the gulf state an attractive destination for global talent in the post-pandemic world.

Recently, the Emirati government opened its golden visa program to talented computer coders under its National Program for Coders initiative; some 100,000 coders, which include residents and non-residents, are expected to benefit from this step.

Last January, the country also announced that was amending its citizenship law, allowing for the first time nominated foreign investors as well as top migrant professionals and artists a chance at getting the Emirati passport and citizenship.

Other gulf states too have in recent years taken measures to diversify their oil-and-gas based economies, with a renewed sense of urgency in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Last June, Oman announced its Investment Residency Program for foreigners, giving them the option to stay in the country for 10-year long residencies if they either bought property or invested in a commercial enterprise. 

In 2020, Qatar adopted a law allowing for the first time foreigners the right to own real estate and gain long term residencies; in April this year, Qatar also opened up a new office in its new Lusail City to facilitate foreigners buyers interested quickly buying property in the area as well as long term residencies.

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