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Citizenship by Investment
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Austria Investment Immigration Programs Overview

Austria are among the EU countries offering citizenship and a passport to investors without requiring residence in the country. An investment in the Austrian economy is required, such as in a business that creates jobs. An Austrian residence permit allows travel to all Schengen states without a visa and after a minimum of six to 10 years of residence an investor can apply for citizenship depending upon whether such investments provide development and implementation of innovative technologies or creations of jobs.

Application processing time typically is between 24-36 months. Investment should be in the range of 8-10 million euros. Family members can be included in the citizenship application.

How To Apply

It takes around 24-36 months to get a visa. Provide proof of funds to finance daily life without working income. Passports can be obtained in a few days.


Residency allows travel to all Schengen states without a visa. Citizenship allows travel to 174 countries.


Austria is the fourth richest country in the European Union. Austria has high environmental quality, living and security standards. It has a highly skilled and educated workforce. Located in the center of Europe, it provides an investor friendly legal environment and easy access to the European market and countries.

Citizenship By Investment

Under Austria’s CIB provision, applicants must invest in the country’s economy. They must provide an investment of at least 10 million euros into a venture capital or other innovative business. Requires approval of the Austrian government. Applicants must have no criminal record, strong business background and a comprehensive CV and references. Citizenship is granted to applicant and family for life, which can be passed to future generations by descent.

Residency By Investment

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  • Austria ranks among top CBI programs because of its stable economy

    March 22, 2018

    Famous for its musical composers like Haydn and Mozart, its architecture and Alpine ski resorts, Austria is a country with many attributes situated in the heart of Europe. For investors, the country is ranked among the top residence and citizenship-by-investment programs in the world.