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Luxembourg Investment Immigration Programs Overview

Luxembourg grants residence permits to investors if certain criteria are met. The requirements include the option of investing at least 500,000 euros in an existing company with its registered office in the country, with a commitment of at least five years; or investing 500,000 euros in a newly created company with its head office registered in Luxembourg and having a commitment to create at least five jobs, within three years of the established company. The project or proof of investment needs an approval of the Minister of Economy.

Other options include investing at least 3 million euros in a new or existing investment and management structure with a head office registered in Luxembourg and locally maintaining an appropriate structure; or investing at least 20 million euros as a deposit in a Luxembourg financial institution and maintaining the investment for a minimum of five years. The eligibility requirements exclude real estate investments. The project or proof of investment needs an approval of the Minister of Finance.

The residence permit is issued for an initial period of three years and is renewable for three years and includes spouse and children. The ministry processes applications within three months. Exceptions can be made for third country nationals who already have a long-term residence permit in another EU member state and authorization to stay as an investor in Luxembourg, before entering the Luxembourg territory. The third-country national can request a long-term residence permit, valid for five years.

Citizenship By Investment

While there is no CBI program, investors can obtain a residence permit, giving them access to Schengen countries. Citizenship can be obtained after 5 years of residence in Luxembourg. Dual citizenship is allowed.

How To Apply

Takes within three months for the application to be processed. Applicants may be asked to provide bank statements and other supporting documents.


Residents are able to travel to the 26 Schengen member states for stays up to 60 days visa free. Citizens get visa free access to 174 countries.


Luxembourg is the center of business, politics and banking and has one of the highest rates of per capita GDP worldwide. Luxembourg is a safe country with a low crime rate. It has a high quality of life, good healthcare and education with favorable taxes for business people.

Updated by Maria Tkachenko

Residency By Investment

Residency-by-investment options include: 500,000 euros in an existing Luxembourg-based company that does commercial, artisanal or industrial activities for five years; 500,000 euros in a new Luxembourg-based company and commit to hire five employees within three years of creation; invest 3 million euros in a Luxembourg-based investment and management entity; invest 20 million in a Luxembourg-based financial institution for five years.

Residence for Private Reasons

As an alternative to the residency-by-Investment program, Luxembourg offers a residency-for-private-reasons option that includes 1,500,000 euros investment (depending on risk profiles) into a trading securities portfolio with a Luxembourg bank.

Updated by Maria Tkachenko

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