St. Kitts & Nevis

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Citizenship by Investment
$200,000 Program cost Real Estate Investment
$150,000 Program cost Sustainable Growth Fund
151 Program mobility Visa-Free Travel

St. Kitts & Nevis Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The two-island Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis boasts the world’s longest running citizenship-by-investment program, since 1984. It’s considered a top destination for its business opportunities, freedom of travel, quality of life and tax purposes. Investing in the Commonwealth islands can achieve a second passport and visa-free travel to 151 countries and territories, including the European Union.

The program offers two options for investors. Citizenship can be achieved in about 3 months and investors do not have to reside in or maintain residence in the country. Investors are not taxed on wealth, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains. Dependents under 30 and elderly parents/grandparents over 55 are included. Citizens of the islands can hold dual lifetime citizenship, and their citizenship is not reported to other countries.

How To Apply

There is a fast track scheme allowing accelerated applications to a 60-day processing period under an Accelerated Application Process (AAP). Approval occurs in as early as 45 days. Must apply through authorized agents listed on the government website.


Visa-free travel to 151 countries and territories including the EU.


With sun and sandy beaches, this two-island tropical destination located in the Eastern Caribbean has a thriving trade and tourism economy. The islands, a democracy based on the British parliamentary system, is politically and economically stable with a high standard of living.

Citizenship By Investment

St. Kitts and Nevis offer two main options under their CBI program; investing in real estate or contributing to the Sustainable Growth Fund. Applicants can invest $400,000 in government approved real estate that is resalable after 5 years. Or they can invest $200,000 in government approved real estate that is resalable after 7 years. All while paying government fees. Or they can donate $150,000 to the government’s Sustainable Growth Fund and pay lesser government fees. Applicants must have a high net worth, outstanding character and health and no criminal record.

Residency By Investment

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