Germany Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get residency by investment in Germany?

There is no official residency by investment program in Germany but establishing a business and creating jobs or investing a significant amount in a German company can lead to becoming a German resident.

How much do I have to invest to get residency in Germany?

There is no specific requirement on the size of investment, but the amount has to be significant enough to start a business and create jobs. The general suggestion is 250,000 euros.

What are the requirements for residency by investment in Germany?

Foreigners interested in becoming German residents can do so by investing the suggested 250,000 euros in starting a new business and creating jobs or investing in a German company. The business has to contribute to local economy. Investors get a visa for three years after which they can become residents.

How long does it take to get residency by investment in Germany?

Investors who start a business get a visa for three years and later residency. It takes about three months to get the visa but setting up the business can take longer.

How many countries can I visit with a German passport?

A German passport allows visa-free access to 189 destinations.

Do I have to be present in Germany before getting the residency by investment application approved?

You don’t have to live in Germany, but you have to visit.

Can I add my spouse and children on my application?

Yes, the spouse and children can be included.

What are the criteria for my children to qualify for residency in Germany?

Children have to be under 18 years old to be included in the residency process.

Do I have the right to work in Germany after I obtain the residency through this program?

The permanent residence permit comes with the right to work.

What is the tax situation after obtaining Germany residency? Will the investor be required to pay taxes on income obtained from sources abroad?

Foreign investors don’t get any special tax benefits. German residents and citizens pay income taxes on all income from home or abroad.

Will German citizenship automatically grant me European citizenship?

Yes. German citizenship allows you to live and work throughout European Union.

How long do I have to wait before I can sell my investment in Germany?

You have to keep the business running for three years while you have the temporary residency permit. Once you get your permanent residency, you can sell your investment.  

Will my German citizenship expire?

No, but you can lose it if you get citizenship from another country.

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