“Cryptocurrency is unusable in this industry in Turkey”

Burçin Barlas is a Turkish immigration attorney and the founding partner of Barlas Law Firm, an Istanbul-based law firm.

“We provide legal services to local and international individuals and institutions at our office,” Barlas said. “The satisfaction of our clients is based on our results-oriented approach to legal disputes and our commitment to success.”

What is it like working in the RCBI industry?  

It has some difficulties as it is a job that requires extensive and careful follow-up. However, it is gratifying to serve clients around the world and provide legal support.

What are some current trends you are seeing in the RCBI industry globally? 

In general, there is an increase in demand for the RCBI industry. People now want to have citizenship of more countries and benefit from these opportunities.

What are some current trends you are seeing with Turkey’s program and its investors?

While there are many ways to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment, investors mostly prefer to buy real estate or deposit money into their bank account.

How do you think the pandemic has impacted the global RCBI industry? 

The health system in the country has become an important parameter for investors to choose a country with the effect of the pandemic

What achievement in this market has been the most rewarding for you? Why?

Many people are hoping to live, work, invest and study in Turkey, and the most rewarding achievement has been providing legal support successfully to people of all nationalities.

What are your thoughts on vaccine passports?

Turkey is not on the list of EU vaccine passport countries. Those who have a vaccine approved in the EU will be able to go anywhere. But as the visa ban on Turkey continues, the Turks will not be able to benefit from it. Our wish is that Turkey will adopt this system in the near future.

What is your take on the importance of cryptocurrency in this industry?

On April 16, the Regulation on Not Using Crypto Assets in Payments was published in the official gazette by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. With this Regulation, it was decided not to use crypto assets in payments, and not to use crypto assets, directly or indirectly, in the provision of payment services and electronic money issuance. For this reason, cryptocurrency is unusable in this industry in Turkey.

Why do you think global mobility is important these days?

While the globalization process had an impact on migration with its positive and negative aspects, the efforts of global companies to minimize costs, especially the cheap labor supply, played an incentive role on mass population movements. However, the majority of internal and external migration and refugee movements are from developing countries to developed countries. As a result of globalization, more people and communities are involved in the market economy, which further increases the fluidity of the population. While many international factors, including administrative controls and economic concerns, have a deterrent effect on migration, people are increasingly encouraged to cross national borders for a better life. As a result of the increased awareness of communication, transportation and individual rights during the current period, migrations have become more widespread.

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