Montenegro launches Europe’s latest digital nomad visa

By Moustafa Daly

The Montenegrin remote work visa has finally become available to applicants as announced by the government. 

With this visa, the Central Europe country, which is a candidate to join the European Union by 2025, is offering a path to foreign digital nomads to obtain a two-year visa to live in the country, renewable for another two years.

“Recognizing the importance of digital transformation, the Government of Montenegro took action and introduced the program for attracting digital nomads until 2025,” said Lana Vukmirovic Misic, founder and managing partner at Montenegro-based Vukmirovic Misic law firm and Milica Komar, senior associate at the same law firm, to Uglobal. “This program aims to position Montenegro as a top destination for digital nomads.”

What makes Montenegro an attractive option for digital nomads? 

Located in Europe and with a relatively developed economy and infrastructure, Montenegro may be an up-and-coming contender in the global digital nomad industry.

“The key factors that make Montenegro an appealing destination for digital nomads include its natural beauty, relatively affordable cost of living compared to other European countries, robust infrastructure, reliable and fast internet access, low crime rates, proximity to well-connected airports, and favourable tax rates,” explains Vukmirovic Misic law firm’s legal team.

By launching this visa, the country hopes to increase its competitiveness on a global level.

“The government of Montenegro recognizes that digital nomads bring valuable contributions such as knowledge transfer, increased consumption, and income generation during off-season periods,” adds the team.

“Furthermore, their presence promotes the development and revitalisation of rural areas, stimulates local economies, and attracts investments. These factors, combined, are expected to have a meaningful impact on the national economy of Montenegro,” they further elaborate.

Also, more than a quarter of Montenegro’s economy relies on tourism revenues as per latest data, and sentiments towards foreigners are often friendly and welcoming. 

“There are approximately 80,000 foreigners residing in Montenegro, accounting for around 13% of the population,” explains the team. “In 2022, Montenegro experienced a record-breaking number of issued residence permits, further demonstrating the growing interest and acceptance of foreigners in the country.”

What are the requirements for the Montenegro digital nomad visa? 

Applicants to this visa type will have to provide a clear criminal record, proof of accommodation, health insurance and employment contract showcasing the applicants’ professional capacity as a digital nomad, according to the Rule Book issued by the Montenegrin government. The company for which the applicant works can’t be registered in Montenegro.

The financial requirement for this visa is at least three times the minimum wage, which stands at €450 euros – meaning that the minimum income requirement is €1350. This can be proved by either ‘bank statements, savings book or bank’s confirmation of account transactions/income in the year preceding the year in which the request is submitted,’ reads the Rule Book, as per Vukmirovic Misic law firm’s team.

Applicants can expect residence permits to be issued within 40 days of submitting an application.

Upon the conclusion of the four years, a cooling-off six-month period is mandated by the government – meaning digital nomad visa holders will not be able to reside nor apply for the digital nomad visa again until six months have passed since the expiration of the visa.

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