“Relocating to Portugal was a game changer for my family”

By Eylul Elmaghraby

Yemeni father Khaled Alzaraa invested in Portugal’s residency-by-investment program to offer his children better opportunities. Investor Alzaraa started a new chapter in Europe with the help of Next Lawyers, who provided the family with legal support at every stage of their journey from application to investment, from educational and residential matters to business activities.

He has been married since 2004 to his wife and soulmate Ayeda Alwajih.

“We have been blessed with four children; two sons and two daughters: 14-year-old Ali, 12-year-old Layan, 10-year-old Reetal and 6-year-old Abdulrahman,” he said.

He is the managing director of Trademarks Solutions, known as MBS, which is specialized in providing marketing solutions at the final point of purchase.

Why did you want to acquire another passport and move to Portugal? What was your motivation?

There are various reasons why I decided to apply for the Portuguese residency-by-investment visa by investing in real estate. One of these reasons was to offer my children better opportunities in terms of lifestyle, experience, and self-development, not to mention the political turmoil and uncertainty being witnessed in the Middle East for almost a decade if not more. My children’s well-being contributed to my decision to make this move.

Did you apply during COVID-19? How long was the process for yourself and your family? 

I applied for the program in 2018, long before COVID-19 broke out. The entire process took around 15 months, which, I believe, is a reasonable wait time.

Did you face any challenges in the application process?

The process went smoothly thanks to the outstanding service of the law firm we worked with, and their knowledge of the entire process. I do not have the proper words to express my gratitude to Next Lawyers.

Why did you choose Portugal to gain a passport from a European country via investment?

Portugal is known for being a peaceful country with a very low crime rate. It offers outstanding education and health care systems, which is the ideal environment for raising a family. The Portuguese are a very friendly people who welcome residents from different cultures ethnicities, as well as religious backgrounds—which is something that I had noticed during my several visits to Portugal. I think all of this is mainly due to the fact that Portugal has been exposed to various cultures for over 500 years.

What did starting a new chapter in Portugal mean for you and your family?

Relocating to Portugal was a game changer for my family; to be more specific, for my children, since I’m doing this mainly for them and not for me. Their future is ahead of them, and I hope they utilize this opportunity to their favor.

What advice would you offer to other investors like you who are looking to acquire a second citizenship in Europe?

To those who are seeking to offer their children better opportunities, I would highly recommend Portugal’s residency-by-investment programs for all of the above reasons.

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