Top 25 Global Immigration Companies

Uglobal Immigration Magazine is pleased to announce the Top 25 Global Immigration Companies for 2021. To be eligible, distinguished companies needed to assist clients with inbound investment for migration purposes and market global CBI and RBI programs.

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HQ: Singapore

CEO/President: James Alan Hall

ANZ Migrate is a specialized and qualified migration firm providing migration services to Australia and New Zealand in all areas including business, investment, skilled and family migration. Led since 2003 by principal, James Alan Hall, registered migration agent for Australia and licensed immigration adviser for New Zealand. Hall is recognized as a leader in the industry; speaking at international immigration conferences, authoring articles on immigration matters, consulting to other immigration practitioners, and teaching continuing professional development classes for the industry.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

As the #1 preferred destination for HNWI globally, Australia has maintained this advantage by an increased focus on the business and investment program during the pandemic period while general skilled migration programs have been decreased. This has included a 100% increase in business and investor program places and prioritizing of the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program. While border restrictions have been implemented, travel exceptions are provided for holders of business and investor visas. We have seen an increase in demand globally; not just established markets like Asia but also growing interest from migrants in the USA.

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HQ: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CEO/President: Armand Arton

Arton Capital is the leading government advisory firm focused on attracting foreign direct investments to countries by designing and implementing investor programs for residency and citizenship. Working with over 12 countries around the world, Arton’s global operations have helped attract over US$ 4 billion in foreign direct investment in the last 5 years. Arton empowers individuals and families to become global citizens by investing in second residence and citizenship through a bespoke service and takes pride in helping clients simplify the process by providing a transparent and seamless experience. Arton Capital is a member of Arton Group, whose mission is focused on products and services tailored to the needs of global citizens.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

The pandemic grounded the world and unveiled how interconnected humanity really is. And as we emerge from this global crisis, the power of having freedom of mobility has become as evident as ever. No one is immune to changing times — and now more than ever, securing a plan B has become crucial. Consequentially, the industry has experienced a much higher demand for citizenship by investment programs, which many see as a hedge for future crisis. Arton has taken this opportunity to enhance the client experience by reinventing a more intuitive approach through a streamlined process focused on simplifying complexity — ultimately leading the industry with its time-efficient, innovative, transparent, and seamless approach. 

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HQ: Seoul, South Korea

Founded in 2003, Bether Capital specializes in investment-linked immigration solutions, focusing on U.S. and Canadian residence as well as European residence and passport programs. As an engaged and responsible broker, it has built partnerships with government institutions, experienced immigration agents and reputable developers to offer a diverse range of solutions to their stakeholders. With presence in five major source countries of immigrants including China, Vietnam and Korea, Bether has an experienced international team working seamlessly with a network of over 100 immigration agents and lawyers, spanning more than 17 countries to provide their developer partners with qualified investors and our immigration agents with viable options that meet their clients’ diverse needs.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Covid has made traveling more difficult nowadays; the clients have to make an investment decision without actually seeing the properties they are buying or meeting with the developers in person, which makes transparency, accuracy and efficiency more important than ever. Bether Capital already has well trained and experienced local personnel in each main RCBI immigrant source country. We also arrange for our agents and their clients to talk to the developers and legal/tax experts directly or see their properties via live video calls. We aim to eliminate the barriers of language, distance and time so that our agents and their clients feel comfortable and secure when working with us.

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HQ: New York City, New York, USA

CEO/President: Tom Rosenfeld

CanAm Enterprises is an integrated, multinational investment management firm that specializes in immigration-linked investment funds and U.S. private equity real estate investment. With over three decades of experience, CanAm’s strategic approach to utilizing investor capital and managing risk has raised over $3 billion in private placement funds. Headquartered in New York City with offices in Asia, CanAm is proud to serve a domestic and international community of investors.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has created disruptions to many real estate projects across the U.S., basing on its deep experience and industry relationships, CanAm Enterprises not only brought its EB-5 investment projects to fruition during this time but also reached a major industry-leading milestone with the repayment of $2 billion in EB-5 capital, from 46 different real estate and infrastructure projects on behalf of approximately 4,000 investor families around the world.

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HQ: Dallas, Texas, USA

President: Noreen Hogan

CEO: Patrick Hogan

CMB Regional Centers, the leader in the EB-5 industry, is one of the oldest active regional center operators with 24 years of experience. Nearly 6,000 families from 103 countries have chosen to invest in one of CMB’s 78 EB-5 investment opportunities. As of today, CMB has helped more than 5,000 investors receive I-526 approval, over 1,700 investors achieve I-829 approval to live and work permanently in the United States, and have returned capital to over 2,000 investors. There are very few regional centers that can come close to this level of success for their EB-5 investors and families.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Demand for global migration slowed in the early months of the pandemic as individuals focused on matters closer to home. We’ve remained highly empathetic to the challenges facing our clients and the things that matter to them the most. CMB has continued to carefully select and refine our EB-5 offerings to meet current investment sensitivities. As many have adjusted to in-home virtual settings, logistics developments for e-commerce retailers have thrived. Our offerings have capitalized on the growth of that segment. We focus on the best risk-mitigated offerings that can provide our investors with confidence as they pursue their immigration goals.

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HQ: Swatar, Malta

CEO/President: Michael J. Zammit

CSB Group, established in 1987, is widely known for delivering discreet and confidential citizenship and residence advice to private clients, high-net-worth individuals and their families in their search for global mobility and security. The Group offers diverse yet specialized business solutions and commercial services to a vast portfolio of corporate and private clients seeking to set up or relocate to Malta. Registered under the company name CSB International Ltd, it is authorized by the Community Malta Agency to act as a Licensed Agent for the Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme and authorized to act as a Company Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

The market has suffered a revamp due to the current pandemic, with clients focused on their residency planning options with healthcare and lifestyle as a priority, coupled with education and tax efficiency. Furlough schemes had to be paid and governments resorted to increasing the tax threshold on high earners and entrepreneurs. CSB Group has made a fantastic effort and adapted to the current circumstances seamlessly – our team has worked remotely for many months, and office activity has resumed slowly but surely to ensure that health and safety rules are followed.

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HQ: Miami, USA

CEO/President: Rogelio Caceres

The Global Residency & Citizenship Group operates the first U.S.-based registered investment advisor solely focused on alternative mobility assets, an emerging $20 billion global asset class tailor-made for the times we live in. Their mission is to democratize access to the most desirable cities in the world through their globally-diversified institutional-grade platform, specifically designed to meet the lifestyle and wealth preservation objectives sought by U.S.-based investors. They built Global RCG to help successful investors, entrepreneurs, and employees live, work remotely, invest and retire in 35 countries around the world. By reducing the centralized grip exercised by government bureaucrats over residency and citizenship rights, their clients enjoy unfettered access to the world.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust? 

Global RCG is building mobility solutions to address three trends emerging from the global pandemic: (i) Corporate Nomads to help companies address the challenges arising from the rapid rise of digital nomadism; (ii) Citizens of Bitcoin to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts live, work and invest as sovereign individuals as the adoption of digital assets accelerates; and (iii) Global RCG Wealth, a US.-based RIA which partners with its fellow fiduciaries (investment advisors, wealth managers, and certified financial planners) to unlock the power of global mobility assets in the lives of their clients, many of which are part of the "Great Resignation," early retirement path chosen by professionals and small business owners in record numbers.

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HQ: Lisbon, Portugal

CEO/President: Nicolas Salerno

Golden Visa Consultancy is a boutique advisory firm focused on real estate development, business immigration and citizenship by investment. Drawing upon the depth of practical experience and knowledge accumulated over more than 18 years by its founder, Golden Visa Consultancy is able to offer meaningful independent advice and benefits to business persons. With 8 offices throughout the world, Golden Visa Consultancy brings local reach to its increasing international partner network spreading from North America to Asia and from Europe to Africa.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Many things changed during COVID and the main challenge for a company like us—very close to its partners and clients—was the loss of mobility. Most investors needed to visit projects to take a decision and we were forced to adapt to this prolonged situation with virtual meetings through video conferences, virtual conferences to maintain our presence in the industry events, and more and more webinars. We also developed more video support for our partners to maintain a lively vibe. It definitely does not have the same flavor but it did allow us to grow the business differently.

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HQ: Miami, Florida, USA

CEO: Alexandre Rangel Lattuf

Grupo Siespaña has been involved in the RCBI field for almost a decade. We design legal structures to meet our clients’ personal and immigration needs. The company serves medium and high-net-worth individuals to secure a second residency and citizenship in Spain. During these years, Grupo Siespaña has assisted thousands of families from over 30 countries to relocate in Spain. It helps clients to reach their present and future immigration goals while minimizing risks and preserving their capital. Grupo Siespaña builds bridges to a better life! 

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

While Covid-19 halted many people’s moving plans, it also came to remind us about the importance of life and freedom. The possibility of living in a safer country with more opportunities for the family became a real option for many people around the world. Today, there are many alternatives to live and work worldwide. We, as RCBI professionals, must be prepared to offer our clients the best legal solutions so they can reach their personal and immigration goals. Grupo Siespaña has developed strong alliances with top professionals around the globe to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Priorities have changed and global immigration solutions are crucial in today’s immigration world.

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HQ: London, UK

CEO: Dr. Juerg Steffen

With over 25 years of institutional experience, Henley & Partners is one of the largest globally integrated pure-play residence and citizenship advisory firm in the world. Its qualified professionals work together as one team in over 30 offices worldwide. The concept of residence and citizenship planning was created by Henley & Partners in the 1990s. As globalization has expanded, residence and citizenship have become topics of significant interest among the increasing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors. The firm also runs a leading government advisory practice that has raised more than $10 billion in foreign direct investment.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Diversifying country risk has become a priority in terms of personal access rights as well as financial and property investment. Even HNWIs from advanced economies with premium passports are now looking to create portfolios of complementary citizenship and residence options in order to access health security and optionality as well as mitigate risk in terms of where they can live, conduct business, and invest. Henley & Partners works on both the supply and demand side of the industry, advising governments around the world on how to enhance a country’s attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors, and to create more favorable conditions for foreign direct investments.

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HQ: London, UK

CEO/President: Paul Williams

La Vida is specializing in 18 different residency and citizenship programs through investment, covering all the major options across Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. Established since 2012 in the RCBI sector, La Vida has helped clients from over 115 countries worldwide to obtain their residency or citizenship through investment. For two years running, La Vida has been listed by the Financial Times as one of “Europe’s Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies.” La Vida is also a member of the Investment Migration Council and the AIPP.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

It is in the U.S. market where La Vida has seen the biggest shift since the pandemic, with demand from U.S. clients growing five-fold since 2019. La Vida has one of the highest concentration of experts globally in one single location combined with a market leading presence on the internet via our website, which gives us global reach. Our clients appreciate having the support of one team conveniently situated timewise in London. It has allowed us to adapt quickly across changing markets worldwide driven largely by the pandemic, while maintaining consistent standards which we can deliver to every market and every client.

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HQ: London, UK

CEO: Eric Major

Latitude is a leading global firm in the RCBI industry providing valuable insight and expertise to private clients, advisors, intermediaries, and governments. Its executive team have over 100 years of combined experience and employs over 80 industry professionals globally with offices in 17 different countries. Latitude provides genuinely innovative products, competitively priced services, and customer-driven, hands-on delivery. Latitude is a government-approved partner and an authorized agent for all of the world’s most popular citizenship programs. Latitude also provides government advisory services by helping nations create or improve their residency and citizenship by investment programs.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

The global demand for second citizenship and residency has been booming since the COVID-19 started, as a second passport or residency has become a necessary “Plan B” for HNWIs and their families. Our clients finally had more time to think about what is important to them, their family, where they want to be in three to five years. Through embracing technology as a group, we emerged stronger from the COVID crisis. We will continue to expand our international network, which is already 80 staff and 17 offices strong, with emphasis on new markets in Africa, Asia, CIS countries and even the Americas.

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HQ: Westport, Connecticut, USA

CEO: Sherman Baldwin

Founder & Executive Chairman: Suresh Rajan

LCR Capital Partners is a private investment and advisory services firm that serves families interested in global opportunities. Founded in 2012, LCR has helped over 850 clients move to the United States via the EB-5 immigrant investor visa. LCR also works with the E-2 investor visa, the Portuguese golden visa, and Grenada’s citizenship by investment program, which are all government-approved investments. Through its affiliates, International Investors Mortgage and LCR Wealth Management, the firm offers U.S. loan solutions and wealth management. LCR is headquartered in Westport, CT, with teams in Miami, San Francisco, São Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, and Mumbai.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

2020 and 2021 have pushed the whole RCBI industry to rethink its product offerings, investor relations and sales techniques for clients that cannot travel. At LCR, we have invested in our digital marketing and client management tools with content and secure applications much like other FinTech companies. We have also expanded our service offerings with other immigration programs for Portugal and Grenada, and two affiliated companies: International Investors Mortgage for property loans and LCR Wealth for U.S. wealth management. Finally, we have maintained local teams to ensure we can work with clients in their markets.

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HQ: Estoril, Portugal

Founder: Anatoliy Lyetayev

Co-Founder: Kristina Kurkuliak

Migronis is an international licensed company helping obtain citizenship and residency through investing in 20+ countries since 2012. Its migration experts have earned the trust of investors for their expertise in citizenship-by-investment programs and knowledge of investing in real estate associated with this area. In addition, Migronis is proficient with the tax aspects of countries offering citizenship-by-investment programs.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a growing demand for CBI options. Heavy restrictions and closed borders forced people to pursue programs, which could enhance their global mobility and significantly improve their quality of life. More than ever, wealthy individuals started to seek the best way to access previously unimagined opportunities. We do our best to meet the needs of our clients, expanding horizons and showing how to travel beyond borders. Earlier, we conducted many offline events, but now we are also present in the online environment – сonducting engaging webinars where we talk about the latest news, changes in programs, and all the possibilities of different programs.

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HQ: St Julian's, Malta

CEO/President: Kenneth Camilleri

Vertex Alliance is a partner for investment migration, corporate, tax and wealth management services. Vertex Alliance has a wealth of experience in advising CBI and RBI clients from across the globe. With decades of experience, the Vertex Alliance team continues its successful track record in investment migration despite the recent challenges of Covid-19. The company's success rate for helping families achieve their residency and citizenship goals remains unchanged. Vertex Alliance advises on multiple residency and citizenship programs in Malta and beyond. Vertex Alliance has dedicated Private Client Services teams with in-house multi-lingual staff, helping to bridge the communication gap with clients.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

At Vertex Alliance, we are continually adapting to meet the needs of our clients. Our client-centric approach means we've made a number of adjustments to meet the challenges posed by Covid-19 whilst expanding our reach. To help overcome the recent travel difficulties experienced by our clients and partners, we improved our presence in existing markets by offering clients a representative member on the ground. For new and existing business partners, we enhanced our digital marketing efforts by participating in more virtual meetings, roadshows, and conferences. With the help of our multi-lingual team, we launched our website in different languages, further strengthening our online presence and creating new social media channels.

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HQ: Houston, Texas, USA

CEO: Jose Gomez-Urquiza

Founded in 2008, Visa Solutions is one of the premier immigration, relocation and investment agency in the United States. Over the past decade, it has successfully provided thousands of people from over 70 countries with stress-free, timely visa processing, and guidance for living and/or investing in the U.S. With over 60 dedicated professionals working in seven offices across four continents, we have the in-house resources to offer 360 solutions to all our clients. Visa Solutions welcomed the E-2 Investor Visa program in 2020—which provides an integrated solution to qualifying investors who wish to relocate to the U.S.A. and develop a new business venture. It offers their clients long-term experience, reliability, and commitment.

What changes have you seen in the global RCBI industry because of COVID-19 and what has your company done to adjust?

Covid gave the world a new perspective in every way. Consulates worldwide were closed for over 12 months, no visas were available, and U.S. borders closed. So, we reinvented ourselves during the challenge, and we saw opportunities. We didn’t let any employee go; we strengthened our teams worldwide, we did a lot of training and reinforced our processes, systems, and programs. We launched E2 successfully and grew every other program we have. Now, after the most challenging year of recent history, we are proud to say that we are stronger than ever and will keep helping as many people as possible to live the American Dream.

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