Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs

Uglobal Immigration Magazine is pleased to announce the Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs for 2022. To be eligible, distinguished global migration agency CEOs needed to represent clients on outbound investments and migration solutions to other countries. 


Global Migration Solutions

HQ: Malaysia

Founded: 2004

Desmond Ang is the founder of Global Migration Solutions with presence across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Being a registered migration adviser with 19 years of experience makes him a specialist for all Australia and New Zealand programs, with commendable skills in handling HNWIs and business owners. His firm is also a top provider for investment based residency programs such as Portugal’s Golden Visa. Ang is a member of ACCA, CA, CIA, and IMC; and was trained as a chartered accountant with PWC and international listed companies as a regional internal auditor before venturing into the migration industry.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The pandemic aggravated labor shortages in some sectors; the problem is now emerging in others. Immigration from some countries has started to focus on skilled and non-skilled migration programs to address the labor shortage. For instance, the Australian government has set a higher quota for the skilled worker program to bring skilled workers into Australia. Meanwhile, working from home became the new normal during the pandemic and this made it easier to switch countries. Plenty of countries implemented digital nomad visa programs. The demand on business and investment continue to rise. The New Zealand government increased the investment amount for its investor program. Australia has extended processing time for business and investment migrants because a certain quota is allocated to skilled migrants. There has been increased competition between new business and investment applications.


Visas Consulting Group

HQ: China

Founded: 1997

David Chen, co-founder of Visas Consulting Group (VCG), is an experienced immigration specialist who graduated in 1997 from law school of Shanghai Fudan University with an LLB degree. Along with his team, Chen has helped accomplish the immigration dream for thousands of Chinese families, making VCG one of the most respected EB-5 agents in the industry.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?  

The EB-5 reform in 2022 provoked this new boom of immigration, making the US the prior choice for Chinese wealthy families. The visa-reserved category, prioritized processing and stricter scrutiny are the three most pivotal factors that impact our clients’ decision making. As the clients are now more familiar with EB-5, they spend more time on research and thus make smarter choices. There definitely are more opportunities for the industry, but at the same time, more challenges.



HQ: Singapore

Founded: 2006

Pearce Cheng, a winner of Uglobal’s prestigious Top 25 Global Migration Agency CEOs award for five years, has over 16 years of experience in immigration consultancy, relocation services and wealth management. He spearheaded the rapid growth of AIMS to ten countries in the Asia Pacific, over 300 employees and consistent yearly revenue growth. Before founding AIMS, Cheng was a banker in DBS Bank Singapore, financial service manager and top-notch premier adviser of Prudential Assurance with a portfolio of HNW clients from the ASEAN region. Cheng is multi-lingual and speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Since the pandemic and other subsequent socio-economic crises have significantly affected the global landscape, migration has moved beyond a way to improve living standards. It is now an efficient financial management tool, increasing global mobility and navigating geographical risks. At the same time, governments around the world are hoping to attract wealth and talent inflows for economic incentives. Overall, the market will become more prosperous and competitive, while still finding ways to adapt to the inevitable hurdles due to global instability. Looking at Asia-Pacific as the now-booming migration market, AIMS is still going strong with a diverse client base, aiming to find the perfect destination for each individual.


Selena Emigration Corp.

HQ: South Korea

Founded: 2016

Selena Choi, CEO of Selena Emigration Corp., endeavors and lives to see people’s dreams of a chance for a better life come true with her help. She constantly studies and explores opportunities for happy immigration for her clients. Choi started her career in immigration 24 years ago, growing very fond of what she does over the years. She finds absolute joy and pride in seeing her clients happily settle in a new country. This is why she decided to make her work her life mission. She believes that a well prepared immigration is the beginning of a happy life change.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The world is getting closer together as the means of communication and information develop. Thus, our clients’ interests and needs have become more global and more specific. It is the goal of Selena Emigration to guide our clients in their journey to emigrate, they experience a smooth and pleasant beginning in their dream countries. In the meantime, my two books named Selena Immigration Story I (2017) and II (2020) have been published, containing my experience assisting numerous clients and the personal insights I gained while visiting those countries.


Khai Phu Investments & Migration

HQ: Vietnam

Founded: 2009

Vinh Dang is founder and CEO of Khai Phu Investments & Migration Agency. Based in Vietnam, the agency is a veteran immigration consultant with continuing expansion. Khai Phu has helped hundreds of Vietnamese HNWIs to invest and migrate all over the world. The majority of their clients migrate to the U.S., Australia and various parts of Europe, or simply want a second passport. Dang has led the company to build an excellent reputation throughout its years of operations and received many client commendations, as well as industry awards.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

With tightening market conditions, the migration industry in Vietnam may be heading for some tough times. Clients are finding it hard to liquidate their assets due to a sudden downfall of local real estate and stock markets. On top of that, the strengthening of the U.S. dollar globally has made it more expensive to migrate. The Vietnamese migration trend may shift to non-U.S.-dollar markets to take advantage of a strong U.S. dollar.



HQ: Singapore

Founded: 2007

Henry Fan is the managing partner and founder of Globevisa Group, a large immigration company founded in 2007. Fan is frequently referred to as a leader in the investment immigration space. For decades, he has played a vital role in the expansion of the immigration industry by opening offices worldwide. Fan is committed to making Globevisa one of the best immigration brands by providing advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and key clients on enhancing international mobility, residency and citizenship planning, and international asset allocation.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Globevisa's long-term strategy is to continuously perform stably while exploring new options, either by opening new doors or widening up smaller doors. Abrupt changes of immigration policies also imply the indispensable need for a Plan B, C or even D. It is human nature to travel and live freely, a demand that will never cease. Immigration agencies should explore every possible way to help clients pursue their dream. Globevisa has been operating about 150 projects at the same time on a regular basis, which is a crucial tactic to play safe in an industry that is full of uncertainties.


ANZ Migrate

HQ: Singapore

Founded: 2003 (formerly Australia Migration Agency)

Over a 19-year career, James Hall has successfully managed thousands of immigration cases in areas including skilled, family, employment, business and investment migration. He is qualified as an Australian registered migration agent, New Zealand licensed immigration adviser, and a Qualification Education Agent Counsellor. He is a member of the Uglobal writers council. As a senior practitioner, he mentors migration agents, provides continuing professional development training, and consults on migration practice establishment. Hall has successfully represented clients at the Migration Review and Administrative Appeals Tribunals, and petitioned ministerial discretions. Recently, he has commenced writing and assessing the capstone exam prescribed for entry to the migration profession in Australia.  

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

We are witnessing significant changes in investment migration in the region with increased requirements and program changes. New Zealand announced an increase in investment requirements from NZ$3m to NZ$5m (and up to NZ$15m). Political changes in Australia have resulted in an increased focus on professional skilled migration (also in response to pandemic impacts), with a decreased focus on the business and investment program with significant program changes to be implemented in July 2023. Changes have already been made to processing times - the A$5m significant investor visa has increased from 3 - 6 months to an estimated 3 years.


Wailian Overseas Consulting Group

HQ: China

Founded: 2001

Linda He, as the vice chairman of Center for China and Globalization, actively promotes the two-way flow of international talent, cooperates closely with the American Association of University Professors, links with more than 10,000 Chinese professors and scientists, and introduces high-end talent, technical experts, doctoral supervisors and academicians to provide support for corporate management training programs and overseas talent recruitment. She is also the founder and chairman of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group; founder of National Youth Orchestra of China; chair of the Children of China Pediatrics Foundation; and China Advisory Board Member of the Asia-Pacific EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The global immigration industry has opened a new chapter. After the pandemic, people have a more urgent yearning for a globalized lifestyle, realizing the value of being able to travel freely, the importance and necessity of immigration. At present, the world is competing for talent. The most popular immigrant countries have all introduced policies to attract talent. Under the implementation of the EB-5 RIA in the U.S., the visa set-asides significantly benefit the applicants from mainland China. Also, through the concurrent filing option for those in the U.S., after approval, one can stay, work and study in the United States without visa challenges. It is equivalent to enjoying the quasi-green card benefits in advance.


Citizen Pathway

HQ: Vietnam

Founded: 2021

Diep Truc “Trudi” Hoang has nearly 10 years of experience in the investment and migration industry. She and her team have advised and assisted over 400 successful families in the EB-5 program. She also advises them to invest in U.S. real estate with successful projects and good returns. Hoang has worked directly with associates, immigration lawyers and leading prestigious partners to choose quality projects and process visa applications of customers in the immigration investment programs in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. Citizen Pathway is one of the leading investment and migration consulting agents in Vietnam.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Vietnamese HNWIs are looking for opportunities to travel, work and live in the U.S., Australia, Canada and European countries. They also want their children to have better education, better choices and better lives. Since it took many years for USCIS to process the I-526 and I-829 petitions, Vietnamese investors now are looking for quicker, simple migration programs to help them get a second passport. Under RIA, USCIS commits to shortening their processing time and we have seen the new visa is upcoming. EB-5 investors can get their visa sooner and have more protection to get their money back. The market still has real potential for us as long as we, migration agents, are competent and professional. I believe there are opportunities to serve more Vietnamese investors to help them succeed in the U.S.


Club Emigration

HQ: South Korea

Founded: 1984

Keum-hee Hong is the CEO of Club Emigration. She has played a pioneering role in the Korean immigration market since 1990, always working diligently to see the world from her clients’ point of view. She has sought to establish a safe program, and as a result, Club Emigration is a leading immigration business with a successful track record.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

There is still a lot of demand for immigration to the U.S. Of course, the main purpose is the education of clients’ children. On the other hand, it is true that Korean investors have more options; U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and many more. Korean investors are interested in global asset distribution. Representatively, U.S. real estate investment is the same. Clients are also interested in the tax issues that follow. I think it's really important in this industry to meet many different people from around the world, and that’s why I like attending Uglobal conferences.


Kornova Investments Inc.

HQ: Vietnam

Founded: 2006

Wonjoon Kang is the managing director of Kornova Investments Inc. He has more than 15 years of immigration consulting experience, with a presence in the key EB-5 markets of Vietnam, Korea and China. He has assisted more than 5,000 families to attain permanent residency status in the United States and Canada, and has raised more than $1.3 billion of immigration-related investment capital. He has successfully funded more than 10 different EB-5 projects since 2011. Prior to working in the immigration field, Kang was the exclusive agent of a division of a Korean conglomerate for Canadian export products. He has travelled extensively with government-led trade missions to East Asia to foster business and cooperation. Kang received a bachelor’s degree from Korea University in Seoul.



HQ: India

Founded: 2015

Sandhya Kapoor is a director at ActiveAvenues, where she leads the effort to provide customized residency and citizenship via investment solutions to the firm’s HNWI patrons. Initially focused on the EB-5 space, ActiveAvenues has expanded its product offering to include programs for various European and Caribbean jurisdictions. Kapoor has considerable experience in the Indian business environment, which she leverages to create awareness regarding various investment migration programs and to identify investors across a diverse range of industries. She holds valuable ‘on the ground’ experience in what is being referred to as the fastest growing investment migration market.


Kookmin Emigration Corporation

HQ: South Korea

Founded: 2003

Allis Kim, who has been in the migration industry for 25 years, is the founder of Kookmin Emigration Corporation based in South Korea. A prominent EB-5 migration agent with vast experience, Kim serves as the CEO of Kookmin Emigration Corporation, which is a leading firm in the South Korean EB-5 market. The firm has provided an online community for more than 500 existing clients who are currently going through the EB-5 process.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The Covid-19 related restrictions have caused delays in the journey to the EB-5 green card. However, there are Korean students in the U.S. who need green cards for a stable status. In accordance with the new rules of the RIA, the EB-5 investor and dependents could live in the U.S. with work authorization and a travel document while the I-526 petition is pending. This new rule makes a strong impression on potential EB-5 investors. I just hope EB-5 processing times can get shorter and shorter like before the pandemic.


MOS Immigration Consulting

HQ: South Korea

Founded: 2014

Byungin Lee, CEO of MOS Immigration Consulting, has worked as an immigration consultant since 2000. As a consultant, he has worked in field of U.S. and Canada immigration. After the establishment of MOS Immigration Consulting in 2014, Lee has mainly focused on the U.S. EB-5 investment immigration program. To date, he has contributed to 23 EB-5 projects and total of $140m in investment. He is currently handling various Korean EB-5 cases to earn his clients their U.S. green cards and a safe return on their investments.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Looking back at 2022, I can say that the global migration industry was experiencing dramatic changes. Especially for the EB-5 program, the end of the pandemic and the new EB-5 legislation came simultaneously in 2022. As a top EB-5 industry CEO in South Korea, I would describe the new trends in the global migration industry as “petitioner’s prudent choice.” Unlike the $500k EB-5 gold rush back in 2019, the value of dollar skyrocketed and many EB-5 program rules changed in terms of clients’ due diligence. Though demand for the U.S. green card is still high, potential investors became much more careful about their EB-5 investment choices.


Step Global

HQ: United Arab Emirates

Founded: 2018

Preeya Malik obtained both her Juris Doctor in immigration law and LL.M. in real estate development law from the University of Miami, Florida, USA. She has worked in the legal department of some of the largest and most well-known developers in the United States. Malik has also gained extensive experience in immigration via her roles in various international immigration firms. For the past 12 years, she has served as managing director for Step America and Step Global, where she has assisted in successfully raising over $75 million for multi-billion-dollar projects from investors across the region – including the GCC, Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Africa.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The level of scrutiny for all investment immigration programs has increased dramatically. Investment immigration programs globally have given individuals a platform to obtain permanent residency and citizenship easily and efficiently. However, various government administrations will continue to become more stringent on applicants to slow down entry and also to ensure that governments have some type of control over who is entering on residency status and the profile of individuals who will become a part of the population.


FRR Immigration

HQ: India

Founded: 2017

Jay Mehta, director at FRR Immigration, joined the FRR group in 2014. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, and obtained an MBA in marketing from Bentley University in Boston. He spent two years at FRR Shares trading for clients in the capital markets in India before he helped incorporate FRR Immigration in 2017. Since then, he has spearheaded the immigration by investment business for FRR and has assisted in raising over $50 million from Indians all over the world for the various programs offered.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

India is fast growing in the global migration industry. The need for a second residency or citizenship is ever increasing and is treated as a luxury product. We are seeing growing interest in USA, Canada, Portugal and the UK. Post-COVID, the weak countries have become weaker and the countries which were strong pre-COVID have become stronger. People want to move to stronger countries with better facilities for education, healthcare and lifestyle. There is also a growing need from digital nomads looking for a flexible solution to travel the word. 


American Plus Group

HQ: Vietnam

Founded: 2014

Bich Nguyen is the CEO and co-founder of American Plus Group, formerly Florida Investment Company, founded in 2014. With over eight years of experience as an immigration consultant focusing on the EB-5 market in Vietnam, Nguyen has helped many families achieve permanent resident status in the United States. One of the most reputable business partners of top Regional Centers, she has successfully raised funds for over ten different EB-5 projects. Before working in immigration, she worked for more than 12 years in real estate investment and market management for large real estate corporations in Vietnam. 
What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Post COVID-19 pandemic, not only high-net-worth-individuals but also middle-class families pay more and more attention to carefully planning for the future. They pay more attention to countries with good public healthcare and education systems. However, their desire is to choose programs that have fast processing times, so there are a number of our customers who are redirected to apply for a residence permit or citizenship programs in other countries.


EB5 Brics

Founded: 2014

Vivek Tandon is the founder and CEO of EB5 BRICS. A U.S. licensed lawyer and investment banker, Tandon’s primary focus is on educating investors about EB-5 visa program and EB-5 regional center projects, as well as helping them with the questions of where to invest and where not to invest. Tandon holds FINRA and SEC securities licenses and is associated with Sequence Financial Specialists, a boutique investment banking firm and managing broker-dealer for alternative investments, including EB-5. He has been active in the EB-5 project advisory space for almost nine years and has advised more than 250 clients to date, placing them into projects that go through a rigorous due diligence process.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?  

We're finding that investors are increasingly savvy in their evaluation of investment opportunities. We of course appreciate a very informed investor and encourage due diligence at every level when it comes to EB-5 whether it's retaining immigration counsel, investment advisor, regional center, and project. Further, investors are taking a very active role in overseeing the progress of the investment in light of the recent developments in the banking and finance industry in the U.S. We are also seeing an increase in interest in the U.S. as the go-to immigration destination given that the doors to countries such as Portugal and Montenegro have shut in recent times.


Aucanlink International Group

HQ: China

Founded: 2007

Wang Guodong is president of Aucanlink International Group. Wang obtained his MBA from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005 and published China's first graduate thesis on immigration. In 2007, he founded Aucanlink International Group, and in 2014, he co-authored the first Selection Standard Tool Manual of American EB-5 Investment Immigration Program in the industry with senior EB-5 professionals. After 16 years of development, Aucanlink International Group has become famous in China with immigration, overseas education, overseas real estate development, overseas investment and other comprehensive business group.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Despite the political game between China and America, we have seen an increase in education-related demand among our clients. In the United States, we have seen an increase in immigration applications for education. With the lifting of the travel ban, we believe more people will head overseas, further boosting interest in overseas assets and real estate allocation. Also, new opportunities are emerging for investment immigrant programs of Asian countries. We anticipate a great deal of clients and we expect the industry to rebound as a whole this year.


Worldway Group

HQ: China

Founded: 1998

Dr. Winner Xing Xinli is the chairman of Worldway Group and executive chairman of Worldway Fortune Club. He also serves as chairman of Hong Kong Capital Investor Association, and is an executive member of the Macau General Association of Real Estate and the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce. He is an honorary chairman of Shenzhen Enterprise Investors Association. Under his leadership, Worldway became one of the first immigration companies in China to serve in the U.S. EB-5 program space.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Every year since 2015, we have been predicting immigration trends for the coming year. This year, we predict that the amount of Canadian immigration applicants will continue to be high in 2023, and the threshold for immigration projects in various provinces may be adjusted. The U.S. immigrant visa quota may break history in the fiscal year of 2023 and the projects with visa set asides will be the most welcomed amount Chinese investors. Hong Kong has joined the game and released numerous new policies, such as the Top Talent Pass Scheme and Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, which will induce a new boom for the Hong Kong immigration program. 


Pacific Overseas Group

HQ: China

Founded: 1995

Elliot Zhu is the president of Pacific Overseas Group. He also serves as senior consultant and planner, specializing in immigration, application to Ivy League schools, overseas property investment, asset management, insurance allocation, family office and trust. Zhu is vice chairman of the World Overseas Chinese Elite Association and vice president of Beijing Immigration and Entry-Exit Service Association. He has been featured as a special guest on various media outlets. He has won several awards and accolades, including Top 100 World Immigration CEOs; 2015 Integrity Ambassador 3.15; 2017 China’s Overseas Services Leader; and 2021 Integrity Focus Figure.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

In the context of globalization and entrepreneurship, it promotes new generations that desire superior and international lifestyle experiences, making it necessary for many high-net-worth individuals to process an international identity. Upcoming immigration industry services will continue to address the diverse demands of individuals seeking to develop an international identity, receive the best education possible, optimize their asset allocation, and manage their family wealth efficiently.



Henry Group

HQ: China

Founded: 1992

Henry Zou is an entrepreneur and business leader with more than 30 years of experience in the global migration industry. As the founder of Henry Group, he has raised $4 billion of EB-5 funds in total and helped 30,000 Chinese families to relocate to North America. Zou also assisted tens of thousands of Chinese students to study in leading universities in North America and Europe. For the last decade, he has advocated globalizing in the four new aspects of education, identity, enterprise, and asset. He received his doctor’s degree from McMaster University in Canada in 1991.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Various conflicts and unpredictable waves in different international regions are currently pushing the uplifting trends in the global migration industry. The growing pressure from the economic sector will force more countries to open up or widen their immigration policies. China, as one of the biggest sources of migrants, is also suffering from the fast downturn of economic development. We found that many entrepreneurs in the private sector and high net worth individuals are actively considering immigration, and some of them have actually sped up their actions.





EK Immigration


Austar Group

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