Top 25 Global Migration Attorneys

Uglobal Immigration Magazine is pleased to announce the Top 25 Global Migration Attorneys for 2022. To be eligible, distinguished attorneys needed to be primarily active in the investment migration space and experienced in filing a large volume of applications. 


Aberdeen Law

HQ: St Kitts

Stacey Ann Aberdeen-Alleyne applies knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to solving clients’ wealth management and immigration desires. She’s a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a degree in law and social work and social policy. She began her career in St Kitts as an associate attorney at law. Within four years, Aberdeen-Alleyne became a sole practitioner and business owner at Aberdeen Law. She has also established AA CBI Advisors L.L.C., a USA-based company that focuses on marketing the CBI program of St Kitts and Nevis. She is an attorney-at-law and notary public called to the bar in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, State of Antigua and Barbuda, and the Federation of St Christopher and Nevis.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

RCBI has notably increased its processing efficiency and accuracy while also maintaining its strong due diligence processes. This has had an impact on the clientele, as many queries initially ask our team to confirm the documents and their “peculiar circumstances” before they even consider which country to submit their applications. They do this because of the fear of going through the rigors of acquiring the documents only to be later informed that their circumstances do not qualify them as good applicants. This bargain shopper trend that has developed over the years has forced the governments to continuously improve the policies of their respective programs, which could help enhance the integrity and competitiveness of the region’s CBI programs.


LCA Studio Legale

HQ: Italy

Alessia Ajelli is an Italian corporate and immigration attorney. She is currently a senior associate at LCA Studio Legale, based in Milan, Italy. Her immigration law practice includes assisting clients with private and corporate immigration issues, citizenship matters, work permits (direct hiring and secondments), elective residences and investment visas. In addition to immigration law, Ajelli has experience in M&A, investment transactions, corporate and data protection law. She earned a law degree from the University of Milan in 2011, and has also studied at the University of Navarra in Spain and Tsinghua University in China. Ajelli speaks Italian, English and Spanish. 

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

After at least a couple of rough years due to the pandemic that hit the entire world, we are seeing increased interest in foreign investments and residency/citizenship applications, in Italy and elsewhere. Even though quite recently the European Union claimed that RBI schemes pose a threat to the security of European countries, a growing number of investors worldwide who are in search of stability and security may find solutions suitable for their needs through investor programs such as the one that is available in Italy, which in recent years has been updated to become more appealing to foreign investors.


Azevedo Ascenso Migration, Tax & Legal

HQ: Portugal

Inês Azevedo has a diverse legal background with more than 18 years of experience. Her main focus is migration and real estate in Portugal. Azevedo also provides legal assistance to a private business that supports international clients move worldwide. Her professional assignments range from private top 10 ten Iberian law offices assisting energy projects, PPP projects and real estate. Azevedo is the founding partner of Azevedo Legal. She has a master’s degree in development economics at ISEG and several post-graduate studies in tourism law, tax law, and energy law at Lisbon Law School; social entrepreneurship at INSEAD; and circular economy at Cambridge. Azevedo has been a member of the Portuguese Lawyers’ Bar Association since 2006.


Barlas Law Firm

HQ: Turkey

Burçin Barlas is the founding partner of Barlas Law Firm. Besides his membership to Istanbul Bar association, he is also a member of the International Bar Association, Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the American Chamber of Commerce. Prior to founding Barlas Law, Barlas worked as a consultant lawyer at the legal department of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Following his graduation from Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı Private Işık High School on full scholarship, Barlas obtained his LL.B. degree from Marmara University Law School and completed his LL.M. in European Union Law at Stockholm University, with full scholarship granted by the Swedish Government, specializing in European Union Law.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

As a result of the pressure on Chinese nationals, most of our Chinese clients are obtaining Turkish passports to breach such pressure since Turkish passport is eligible for the E-2 USA visa. On top of that, the war between Ukraine and Russia is directing Russians and Ukrainians to settle in Turkey by obtaining Turkish residence permits or citizenship. Turkey has become a hub, especially for Russians, since it is a country where they can breach the sanctions imposed by the EU and USA.


Bersani Law Firm & Partners

HQ: Italy

Marco Bersani is the founder of the homonymous law firm, established in 2013. He is registered both at the Spanish Bar as “abogado ejercente” and at the Italian Bar as “avvocato stabilito.” Bersani also personally assists high net worth clients with their applications for the Italian investor visa. Bersani Law Firm is a qualified Italian immigration law firm dedicated to helping international clients aiming to move to Italy. They assist clients with the Italian Elective Residence Visa and the Golden Visa Program, with a special focus on the Investor Visa for Italy. They also handle Italian dual citizenship, Italian citizenship by descent and Italian citizenship by marriage cases.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

I personally see a huge interest in second passports and citizenship in Europe, especially in Italy. Italy has been recognized as one of the best countries to relocate to, especially after the new option for a Golden Visa for Italy introduced in 2018. The Italian passport is now ranked as the third most powerful passport (allowing visa-free entry into 189 countries worldwide), so it’s a great opportunity for those looking for a residency by investment program or interested in obtaining Italian citizenship.


Lamares, Capela & Associados

HQ: Portugal

Diogo Capela is the co-managing partner of Lamares, Capela & Associados, an immigration law firm in Lisbon, Portugal. As an immigration lawyer, his mission is to help clients achieve superior quality of life. Providing high standard and meticulously tailored services to his clients, he provides legal support to those who want to live or invest in Portugal, assisting them in several areas such as foreign investments consultancy; immigration law; residency by investment programs (Golden Visa); real estate law; corporate law and tax law. Over the course of his career, he has handled thousands of cases. He has been present as a speaker or panel moderator at international events related to immigration.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

During the last years, there has been a gradual growth in interest and demand in RCBI programs. The Portuguese Golden Visa, for example, remains as one of the most popular in the world, and the number of Americans and Chinese applying for it doubled in 2022. Still, the EU argues that RCBI schemes represent a security threat, and also a threat to European values. Despite that, the demand for the Golden Visa is expected to continue to grow on the global level, but I anticipate stricter requirements to be imposed on applicants for new visas.


Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

HQ: Malta

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti is the founding and senior partner at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, a law firm based in Valletta. He is a private client lawyer specializing in personal tax, wealth structuring and global residency and citizenship programs. He has advised numerous high-net-worth individuals and their family offices, advisors and bankers on the acquisition of residence and citizenship in Malta. He also provides services to international companies. Chetcuti holds a doctoral degree in European corporate tax law from the University of Malta and a master’s degree in international economic law from the Law School of the University of Warwick, England, where he graduated with distinction.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The world's greatest innovators and successful business families increasingly demand a holistic approach to their investor residency and citizenship ambitions, covering thorough estate and tax planning. Niche legal expertise in tax, estates and immigration are therefore key components for firms operating in this segment. Lawyers luring the world's ultra-rich must invest in specialist risk management, sanctions and financial analysis capabilities to ensure top-notch, yet compliant services are provided. Investor migrants should seek to align their personal, business, and professional lifestyles to engage with their chosen destination to ensure adherence with the effective nationality principle in international law. Investor citizenship and residence status are most tested in times of significant geopolitical events. 


Valadas Coriel & Associados

HQ: Portugal

Patricia Valadas Coriel is a partner at VCA and co-head of its immigration department, leading a team of 15 people. In line with her work in the immigration department, Coriel also focuses on real estate, venture capital structures, and tax law. Having started her career in 2014 at VDA – Vieira de Almeida e Associados working in the corporate department, Coriel holds a post-graduate degree in law and management from Nova School of Business and Economics. She is a member of the Portuguese Bar Association and International Bar Association.



HQ: United States / Based in Canada

David Crawford is the managing partner of the Fragomen Global practice in Canada. He has experience in providing immigration advice and assistance to employers in Canada and around the world. He also leads a private client practice in Canada and is a member of the firm’s executive committee. Prior to taking on the role of managing partner in Canada, Crawford was a partner in the London office of Fragomen, and was also a founding partner of the firm’s Australian practice. He previously served on postings as an Australian diplomat and as an academic. Crawford presents at conferences, publishes articles and drafts submissions to governments on immigration related matters.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

On the demand side, I see an increasing and large appetite for people seeking a new country to offer themselves and their families a safe and prosperous home. The existing geo-political pressures combined with considerable wealth accumulation by younger and older people means that the demand is likely to increase. The challenge is that the supply side of passive investment options, if anything, is shrinking, but there will likely be an increase in solutions related to entrepreneurial activity. But it would be wrong to assume that one visa pathway is the only solution. This is a dynamic time in policy making and our role is to help people find solutions that meet their circumstances and needs. 


Andreas Demetriades & Co.  

HQ: Cyprus

Demetris Demetriades is the managing partner and head of the immigration and real estate department of Andreas Demetriades & Co. LLC in Cyprus. He has been with the firm since 1994, representing high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. He specializes in real estate investment, immigration, corporate and financial law. Demetriades advises his clients on various aspects of business immigration, including the new fast-track procedures for obtaining a Cypriot residence permit, Greek Golden Visa and citizenship under the provisions of the naturalization laws. He has specialized in corporate immigration and relocation for more than 25 years, representing many non-European Union clients.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The impact of the pandemic will continue to support growth in immigration. Asia, one of the biggest areas of demand, has only recently rolled back restrictions on movement. Once these parts of the population are free of onerous quarantine restrictions, they will be quick to invest abroad and acquire residence permits. Many are already seeking the insurance policy of a residence abroad coupled with the right to travel easily without entry visa restrictions. It’s a whole new Monopoly game with the locations on the board being countries offering RCBI programs and every square offering an escape from jail card. Many individuals will continue their quest to relocate based on quality-of-life optimization, driven by health, education and leisure criteria for themselves and their families.


Michael Kyprianou & Co.

HQ: Cyprus

Eleni Drakou is an immigration and real estate lawyer and partner at Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, a leading law firm in Cyprus. Drakou is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, the Investment Migration Council (IMC) and a board member of STEP Cyprus. She regularly represents investors in their business and real estate transactions in Cyprus. She advises clients on tax, corporate and estate planning. Drakou often assists and represents clients in their immigration applications, including the Cyprus residency permit and the work permit.  Michael Kyprianou & Co has international presence with fully fledged offices in Greece, Malta, the United Kingdom, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The Russian war’s outbreak and the aftermath of Covid-19 resulted in certain mobility patterns across the globe. Increased movement waves are being recorded in some parts of the world, while in other places applicants and investors appear more skeptical. However, the rising need is for programs to be adjusted to the current trends, embracing remote employment, traveling freedom, jurisdictions offering stability and security while prioritizing the sectors of health and investment. Ultimately, applicants are seeking programs to enhance their quality of life.


Favreau Law Firm

HQ: Canada

Antonin Favreau obtained his law degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2005. He is a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar in Canada and the Illinois Bar in the U.S. In 2011, Favreau started his own law firm and has traveled extensively throughout Asia, providing counsel to immigration professionals to improve their processing skills with files from Canada (QIIP, FIIP, SUV) or USA (EB-5). Since 2018, he has focused on the Canadian Startup Visa program and has been invited by different designated entities to speak on the Startup visa.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

It is important to carefully review the requirements and criteria for the RCBI program you are considering. This may involve conducting research on the immigration policies of the country in question. It is advisable to apply for a program as soon as possible if you meet the eligibility criteria, as these programs may become more difficult to obtain in the future. It is also important to carefully consider the costs and benefits of such programs, as well as any potential risks or drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision to apply should be based on individual circumstances and long-term goals, and should be made after careful consideration of all available options and advice from immigration professionals.



HQ: United States / Based in the United Kingdom

Nadine Goldfoot is the managing partner of Fragomen’s UK practice and has over 20 years of experience in immigration law. She was instrumental in establishing Fragomen’s worldwide private client practice and is considered an international authority on high-net-worth immigration. She is a regular speaker and panelist on investment migration around the world and is regularly invited to comment in the press on the subject. Goldfoot is a member of the board of the Investment Migration Council.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

As the instability and uncertainty of the world around us continues, the demand for RCBI solutions increases. However, the industry is at a crossroads with scrutiny and pressure from intragovernmental organizations, such as the EU, which are questioning the efficacy of programs. Governments who want to sustain or develop RCBI routes are going to have to consider alternative models deviating away from passive investment, to more active routes focusing on innovation and job creation. Digital nomad solutions may also play a valuable role here. Equally, critics of RCBI will need to be encouraged to see that genuine links can be achieved through sharing skills, talent and experience, and they don’t exclusively require physical presence.


ECOVIS International

HQ: Germany

Richard Hoffman is a lawyer, partner and founder of ECOVIS law firm in Germany and a board member of ECOVIS International. He is a member of the supervisory board of several companies, and serves as chair of the legal task force of ECOVIS International. As co-founder of ECOVIS Beijing, he has more than a decade of experience in the China market and wide knowledge and understanding of China's legal and tax issues. His background and experience spans across a wide spectrum of fields, including business development, marketing, public relations, China corporate establishment, business advisory, accounting and tax. Hoffman studied law at the universities of Heidelberg and Frankfurt. 


Kraemer & Kraemer

HQ: Panama

Marcos Kraemer, a dual citizen by birth, is a licensed attorney in the Republic of Panama with more than 15 years of experience in the RCBI industry and related services to expat clients, such as asset planning, asset succession, wills and probate, business and real estate. Kraemer is the founding partner of Kraemer & Kraemer, a leading law firm in immigration services in the country, and has been a speaker in industry conferences in several countries.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

We have seen an increase in clients requesting to apply for two or more RCBI options to diversify their immigration planning. 


Eterna International

HQ: Ireland

Pierre-Marc Lecompte is the founder and COO of Eterna International, an organization with seven offices worldwide offering immigration solutions to the best immigration agencies across the globe. Lecompte is a well-recognized Quebec lawyer known to be at the forefront of the development of specialized wealth migration products. Having helped over 1000 clients to immigrate overseas, Lecompte is considered a pathfinder in the immigration industry and is proud to offer immigration solutions to Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey and the USA through his immigration company Eterna International.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

We are seeing a diversification in destinations chosen by investors who are now looking at countries such as Ireland and Turkey. We are also noticing that countries are directing the investment made by high-net-worth investors into areas that bring social benefits. Moreover, while some countries are reconsidering pure investment programs, there is still strong interest in attracting talented entrepreneurs. This was recently demonstrated by Canada, which significantly increased the number of entrepreneurs it will accept under its Start-Up Entrepreneur Program, which is currently very popular in Asia. The future of our industry is not only wealth migration but talent migration.



HQ: Turkey

Orhan Yavuz Mavioglu is the managing partner of ADMD since 2005. He worked previously for Istanbul offices of Altheimer & Gray, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. He holds his LL.B. degree from Marmara University, Istanbul, and has also studied in LL.M. programs on U.S. law at Columbia University, New York; on EU law at Marmara University European Community Institute; and on financial law at Istanbul University. He is a member of Istanbul Bar Association since 2000 and passed the New York Bar Exam in 2004. Mavioglu is a trademark and patent representative before the Turkish Patent Institute and the European Patent Organization since 2001.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

RCBI industry will continue to grow responding to accumulation of more wealth by individuals around the world, and their motives vary from tax efficiency, personal safety, better healthcare and education offerings, visa-free access for easier travels, residence in a warmer climate, to political or religious duress or better value for real estate. RCBI could also be reviewed as part of an increased sense of personal freedom and choice and lesser entanglement to country of birth or other jurisdictional limitations. In a more divided and less secure and even less free world, people with means will continue to seek options. 


Mazzeschi S.R.L

HQ: Italy

Marco Mazzeschi is an attorney at law admitted to the Bar Associations of Milan (1998) and Taipei (2016). He is the founder of Mazzeschi Srl, a leading firm in Italy specializing in commercial law, business immigration and citizenship law. The firm assists HNW clients and foreign investors as well as more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. The firm is an accredited partner of Invest in Tuscany and, with a network of 100+ local counsels, can assist clients in all Italian cities. Mazzeschi frequently speaks at international conferences and he is a contributor to Thomson Reuters and Lexis PSL EU Law publications.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

In 2022, Italy has had a sharp increase in the number of Investor Visa applicants. Due to political and financial uncertainties in several countries, there is undoubtedly growing interest by HNW individuals to obtain a second passport and/or residency. This trend has been triggered and reinforced by travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the digital transformation of work allowing more people to work remotely.


Papalois & Associates

HQ: Greece

Vasiliki Papaloi is a Greek immigration consultant and attorney with Papalois & Associates Law Firm in Athens. She focuses her practice on corporate, tax, financial issues, investment programs, immigration and residency permits. Her expertise includes litigation, incentives legislation, tax planning, and real estate due diligence and acquisition. Papaloi has a bachelor’s degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Master of Science in banking and finance law from the University of Piraeus. She is a member of the European Law Students’ Association, Athens Bar Association and the Economic Chamber of Greece.


Prime Legal

HQ: Portugal

Sara Sousa Rebolo is a Portuguese immigration and real estate lawyer, cofounder and partner at Prime Legal. She is also president of the Portuguese Association of Immigration, Investment and Relocation (PAIIR). Throughout her career, she has worked in labor and corporate law and regularly participates in international conferences as a speaker. With an extensive academic background, Rebolo has certification in investment migration, a master’s degree in legal and financial sciences, a post-graduate degree in economy and management for businesses, in real estate law as well as migration law. She has been named a Top 25 Global Migration Attorney by Uglobal several times.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

The global RCBI industry has suffered in recent years. The challenges of the present require that programs and agents operating in the industry accept and support the need for restructuration, with a view of harmonizing and reinforcing compliance procedures, the investor’s qualifications and the investments’ safety. It is essential to distinguish the different stages involved in these processes, from financial compliance to criminal compliance, administrative procedures and control of the effective investment and its economic impact in the societies. An increase of applicants is expected, also accompanied by an increase in pressure on governments to control the programs. Undoubtedly, reinforcing the government's duties towards investors is a concern, as is the allocation of underlying investments in projects of environmental, social and cultural nature.


Simard & Associates Ltd.

HQ: Hong Kong

Mathieu Simard obtained a Bachelor of Law degree from Sherbrooke University in 2000, and has been a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar since 2002. Since then, he has been working in Hong Kong as an immigration lawyer and consultant, representing clients from around the world, specifically in the APAC region. During his numerous years of practice, Simard has gained a positive reputation within the immigration law and business community. In 2010, Simard established Simard & Associates, specialized in immigration law for entrepreneurs and investors.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

As many countries in the west have moved on from Covid-related lockdowns and other restrictions, an obvious need for further investments in the communities has become apparent. While countries are looking to increase active-involvement immigration, they will surely also be looking to increase their available monetary resources in order to better prepare for unexpected global events, or simply remedy the effects of the crisis that just passed. As such, immigration and residency by investment should continue to be focal pathways for countries to achieve this goal. This would coincide well with the increasing number of wealthy potential applicants who are, parallelly, looking to migrate away from their home countries still being affected by the pandemic.


Veritas Legal

HQ: Grenada

Michelle Emmanuel-Steele is an attorney at law and a thought leader in the area of citizenship by investment and investment migration. She is based in the Spice Isle of Grenada, West Indies - an ideal location for investment. She is one of Grenada’s most experienced business lawyers with 27 years of commercial experience and offers legal advisory services to investors setting up their operations in Grenada. Steele is the owner of Veritas Legal, a boutique law firm serving clients globally, and Oyster Ventures Inc, an international immigration services company and a licensed local agent of the Grenada citizenship by investment program.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

In post-pandemic 2022, demand has outstripped supply and the Ukraine/Russia war has amplified this pressure. Strategic immigration and wealth management options is in high demand. The RCBI industry continues to be the “go-to” to provide real solutions for investors and their families despite ongoing threats, such as restriction of visa free access and exclusion or blacklisting of certain jurisdictions. On the other hand, we see a growing list of countries introducing some form of RCBI program. Such expansion is further testimony to the industry’s relevance in the global context and a value proposition weighted in its favor. The industry’s ability to adapt and respond with agility to the changing landscape will be a key requirement moving forward.


JTH Lawyers

HQ: Canada

Julien Tétrault is the founder and president of JTH Lawyers Inc. He is a winner of the Top 25 Global Migration Attorneys award by Uglobal Immigration Magazine for the third year in a row. After starting his career in immigration by investment for Canada in Hong Kong in 2002, Tétrault moved back to Canada in 2006. He founded JTH Lawyers Inc in 2013. As an administrator of the association Québec Lawyers Abroad (AHQ), Tétrault founded and was president of the Immigrant Investor section of AHQ from 2011 to 2014. Since 2002, Tétrault represented over 1,000 immigrant investors from over 80 countries.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

It’s a great forecast for Canada’s RCBI in the next three years: there will be two to three times more PR visas available, and faster processing times. The appetite for Canada’s RCBI program, the Startup Visa Program, is growing at a fast pace. Canada is seeing about 1,000 new applicants under the Startup Visa Program every month, which is a sharp increase compared to previous years. The great news is that Canada has increased significantly the target of PR visas under this program for the upcoming three years, so applicants will still enjoy fast processing times.


Varnavas Law Firm

HQ: Greece

Alexander Varnavas is a second-generation partner at Varnavas Law Firm 1978, a 40-year law firm with expertise in real estate law and investment migration. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Investment Migration Council (IMC), the global organization for immigration by investment. Varnavas consulted the Greek government on the shaping of the Greek RBI program at its initial stages. His investment migration practice has been trusted by hundreds of individuals and many international consulting firms. Varnavas Law Firm remains a leader in the Greek market, which caters to a diverse international clientele.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

Increasing the minimum investment value in major RBI programs is a trend that cannot go unnoticed. The programs are governmentally built to service certain economic gains for the countries hosting them. It is quite natural that with time, each program is provisioning its scheme to align with the local needs. In Greece, the increase was compelled to serve local market matters that ought to be managed to balance the growth driven by the investment scheme and the local demand. A balance for both sides. Change is encouraged as it indicates evolution and the ability to amend and move forward.


Panama Global Solutions

HQ: Panama

Emilio Cornejo Vernaza is an attorney and a representative for the Panama investor visa. He is one of the founding partners of Panama Global Solutions, a law firm founded in 2008 in Panama City. In addition to his law practice, Cornejo Vernaza is an active lecturer at immigration and investment conferences. He has traveled across the world to give presentations. Cornejo Vernaza has been a member of the Panama bar since 2005. He is also a licensed real estate broker and realtor. He is a graduate of the University of Panama, where he earned a law and political science degree and was a member of student law associations. In 2006, Vernaza earned his LL.M. in international commercial and trade law from VU University Amsterdam.

What new trends are you experiencing in the global migration industry?

With the events of the last two years, there seems to be a common tendency to look into current residency and citizenship programs to adapt them into more appealing options for investors. As for Panama, an immigration reform was already being discussed before the pandemic. Current circumstances have made authorities reevaluate our application process to factor in easier, more flexible practices, where applications may even be filed remotely. Considering moving in that direction, Panama has approved a fast-track Golden Visa, based on a minimum investment of US $300k, granting permanent residency in no more than 30 days - this particular residency permit may be introduced remotely.

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