Mafalda Cunha  Luís

Mafalda Cunha Luís

Portugal Immigration Consultant

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Mafalda Cunha Luís is a Portugal immigration consultant. She currently works as an attorney for Caiado Guerreiro for its emigration team. Caiado, a multijurisdictional law firm based in Lisbon, Portugal, has other offices throughout in Portugal and ones in China and Africa.

Luís also works in real estate and construction-related law. She joined Caiado in 2015.

Prior to working at Caiado, Luís was an intern at the Portuguese embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she worked on documents, meeting preparation and helped create a chamber of commerce.

She has also worked for PEPAC, a Portuguese government program, that helps young people and undergraduates find employment.

Luís is involved in various capacities, such as being a marketing deputy, with Rotaract Europe.

Luís graduated from the Catholic University of Portugal with a law degree. She also completed a master’s degree there in forensic law. Luís has a second master’s degree in international law and international relations from the University of Lisbon. While at university, she was a member of the European Law Students’ Association.

She is current a member of the Portuguese Bar Association.

Luís speaks Portuguese and English.


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