Olga  Shajaku

Olga Shajaku

Ireland Immigration Consultant

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Olga Shajaku is an Ireland immigrant investor representative. She is a founding partner of MS Solicitors, based in Dublin, Ireland. MS Solicitors provides investor support as well as practicing personal injury law, immigration law, real estate law, family law, social welfare law, debt recovery, defamation law and criminal law.

Shajaku, a qualified Irish solicitor, has been with the firm since 2010. She is an experienced advocate for investors, and practices real estate law, immigration law, family law, social welfare and criminal law.

In 2016, Shajaku was appointed to be a business ambassador for Ireland by a Russian organization called Business Russia. She has been recognized by various organizations as an outstanding businesswoman and entrepreneur, and for facilitating business diplomacy, trade and cultural links between Ireland and Russia.

Shajaku is a notary public and one of few Russian solicitors to also qualify in Ireland to set up a legal practice. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and a diploma in family law from the Law Society of Ireland. She also has a master’s in philology from Bashkir State University in Russia.

Shajaku speaks Russian and English.


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