Plamen Kirilov

Plamen Kirilov

Bulgaria Immigration Lawyer

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Plamen Kirilov is a Bulgaria immigration lawyer. He is currently a partner and manager in Lawyer’s Partnership Abadziev and Kirilov, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In addition to practicing immigration law and providing services for residency visas and citizenship, the partnership practices corporate law, tax law, property law, negotiation and contracts, banking law and auditing. Its clients include a bank, producers, import/export traders, investors, real estate agencies and tourist servicers.

Kirilov has been with Lawyer’s Partnership since 2005. His clients have included a financial institution, pension insurance fund, municipal water supply company, building companies and private foreign investors. He has full rights as a lawyer, solicitor and barrister. Prior to starting his practice, Kirilov worked in sales. He was also a manager of a business consulting agency from 1996 to 2003.

Kirilov has been a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2003. He has a master of law diploma from Sofia University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and electrical engineering, as well as certificates in e-commerce and management.

Kirilov speaks Bulgarian, Russian and English.


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