Rodrigo Julio Molina Ortega

Rodrigo Julio Molina Ortega

Panama Investor Visa Representative

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Rodrigo Julio Molina Ortega is a Panama immigration attorney. He is the founding partner of Molina & Co., a law firm based in Panama City, Panama.

Molina & Co. serves domestic and foreign clients, both corporations and individuals, from various industries. It advises on offshore investment, immigration, real estate, tourism, reforestation, banking, trademark and patent registration.

Ortega practices immigration law, banking law, corporate law and litigation. He has been with Molina since 1995. Ortega also worked for a prior version of the company, Molina & Molina, as a director from 1987 to 1990, during which time he practiced commercial, administrative and corporate law. Molina & Molina was founded by Rodrigo Molina A., who served as a Supreme Court judge.

From 1990 to 1994, Ortega was a legal counselor for Panama’s National Assembly, the country’s legislative body. He consulted on committees that focused on health, finances, communication and commerce. He also helped modernize Panamanian law. Ortega is a member of the Inter-American Federation and Inter-Pacific Bar Association. He has a diploma in law and political science from the University of Panama and a specialization in legal terminology.

Ortega speaks Spanish and English.


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