Theodora Galazi

Theodora Galazi

Cyprus Immigration Attorney

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Theodora Galazi is a Cyprus immigration lawyer. She is currently an associate with L. Papaphilippou & Co. LLC, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. She is a member of the firm’s immigration, citizenship, litigation and arbitration practice group. She also advises high-profile clients and international corporations in real estate, commercial and investment matters in Cyprus.

Galazi has experience in civil, criminal, family, labor and rental litigation. She has dealt with drafting and updating various legal documents, such as employment, services, loan, non-disclosure and real estate records. Galazi has experience dealing with various legal disputes from CIF, AIF operations and arbitrations.

L. Papaphilippou & Co. LLC, founded in 1963, has two offices in Cyprus. The award-winning firm services regulatory bodies, banking institutions, companies, multinationals and high net worth individuals.

Galazi was admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2010. Galazi has an LL.B. from Democritus University of Thrace in Greece.

Galazi speaks Greek and English.


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