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Can I visit the Germany sparingly to run my business and still maintain my permanent residency?

I am an interested in setting up a business in Germany but I cannot live there for a prolonged period at the present time. Can I visit the country sometimes – even as little as twice a year – if I get residency through my business investment? Do I need to get a re-entry permit before I leave?

  • ECOVIS Beijing (Richard Hoffmann Rechtsanwaltskanzlei)
    October 31, 2018

    Once you are granted a resident permit for self-employment as the business owner and director of the company, you have to enter Germany at least once in a half year. You can still maintain your residency in your home country where you will spend most of time. However, you will have to have a registered residence in Germany as well. Otherwise the German authority would not have enough reason to believe that you need a long-term resident permit for you to run your business in Germany. Our tip to save costs: You can register your company under your residence address in Germany as well.