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How can I apply for the Greek Golden Visa with a recent Schengen Visa denial?

I had a Schengen visa rejection from Greece over 6 months ago. Do I need to disclose this? Can I still apply for the golden visa program, or is it likely to get rejected? There is contradicting information on the internet. Is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn’t impact my application?

  • Dafni Siopi & Associates Law Firm
    March 24, 2023

    The Golden Visa residence permit is the only one, for which the applicant can apply without being in Greece, on the condition that s/he has signed a Power of Attorney (PoA) for a Greek lawyer at the nearest Greek Consulate. As soon as the lawyer applies for the residence permit, a temporary residence permit is granted to the applicant, by which he/she can enter Greece without holding a valid Schengen visa. In this context, the visa rejection will not affect the Golden Visa application at all.

  • Foutsis & Partners Law Firm
    March 14, 2023

    No need in the beginning to get a visa. Just sign a POA at the local Greek embassy to a lawyer. He will buy property on your behalf and then you can enter the country legally.