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How is the deposit made for a Portuguese Golden Visa application supervised during the five-year holding period?

I am curious how the maintenance of investment is supervised under the Golden Visa program of Portugal. If I make a deposit of 1 million euros in a bank account, does the government have access to the account? Or do I have to submit a bank statement every year?

  • December 05, 2018

    When applying for one Golden Visa through 1 million euros, it is requested that you open a Portuguese bank account and deposit your money in it. During the five years you need to maintain your investment, which means that your balance cannot be lower than 1 million euros, don't withdraw money and leave a balance below that amount. In order to apply for the temporary resident card, one of the documents will be the bank declaration issued by a Portuguese bank where the applicant opened his/her bank account certified the international transfer of capitals. Regarding access to the account, the Portuguese government does not have access due to the principal of "bank secrecy," and only in exceptional cases like tax fraud suspicious will the bank secrecy be abolished.