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Glenn Mueller

Real Estate Attorney

Denver, , CO

About Glenn Mueller

Glenn Mueller is the real estate investment strategist for Black Creek Group, a real estate professor at the Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver, as well as a visiting professor at Harvard University. The Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management is one of largest real estate programs in the United States.

Mueller has more than 40 years of real estate industry experience, including 32 years of research experience in real estate capital markets, real estate market cycles, portfolio management and diversification and investment strategies.

Mueller received his BSBA in finance at the University of Denver, his MBA at Babson College and his Ph.D. in real estate and finance and Georgia State University. Mueller has published over 100 articles and received 10 awards within the real estate industry. He is currently a member of the Investment Advisory committee at the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.

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