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Lei Lin

Cross Border Transaction Advisor

Shanghai , China

About Lei Lin

Lei Lin is a cross-border specialist and managing partner at Deheng Shanghai Law Office. Lin received his L.L.M. degree from the National University of Singapore, and he received his L.L.B. degree from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Additionally, he has earned a Chinese practicing certificate.

Since 2002, Lin has served various international firms. He has experience providing legal services that relate to IPOs, capital markets, banking, and additional forms of fundraising. Lin also has experience working within the legal and business environments in China, Hong Kong, and the ASEAN countries. Previously, he has assisted various companies by providing legal services. These companies include XLX and Synear in Singapore and International Taifeng in Hong Kong. He has also assisted OCBC, Cambridge REIT, and other Singapore-based funds.

Lin is fluent in both Chinese and English. In the past, he worked for a fertilizer manufacturer with 200 million dollars in its initial public offering. He has assisted a Japanese electronic product distributor’s multi-million dollar takeover of a company. He has also represented a China-listed company’s takeover of the majority of equity shares of plantation group in Singapore. Numerous regulatory approvals in the People’s Republic of China and Singapore had to be obtained during this transaction. Additionally, Lin has represented a China-based factory building system integrator, a stationery manufacturer, a China-based aluminum manufacturer, a China-based piping system manufacturer, and much more.

Recently, Lin has assisted CITIC Capital—an investment management and advisory company—with several cross-border investment transactions. He has also worked for an energy company in Shanghai that primarily specializes in energy management contracting business along with venture capital investment. He has contributed to a joint venture based in Hong Kong as well. Lin’s areas of focus include the following: outbound investor representation, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and international tax services.

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