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Summit Chen

Corporate/Securities Attorney

Shanghai, China

About Summit Chen

Summit Chen is a corporate attorney at Beijing Dentons Law Offices. An innovative law firm, Chen is the managing partner and senior partner of their Shanghai office. Currently, he also acts as the director of Dentons in the China region. Chen received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Anhui University. Additionally, he is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Chen has extensive experience in various fields, including law and economics. He primarily specializes in the following areas: corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and insolvency, construction engineering and infrastructure, banking, finance, and manufacturing (automotive/aviation). He also has experience handling complex litigation cases. As a seasoned lawyer, Chen has assisted various business organizations and major institutions with his legal services.

In addition to his primary specialties, Chen has experience with transaction structuring, cross-border investment and acquisitions, equity transfer, corporate governance, investment risk control, construction of major infrastructure projects, operation of financing institutions, finance market, capital market, and commercial disputes resolution. Throughout the years, Chen has assisted various clients with key mergers and acquisitions. Recently, he has also been associated with One-Belt-One-Road related projects, and he has offered a wide range of legal services for such projects.

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