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Yang Gao

Real Estate Investment Advisor

Central, Hong Kong, China

About Yang Gao

Yang Gao is a real estate investment advisor and partner of Arcis Capital Partners LLC. She assists clients in matters involving cross-border private equity and real estate transactions and mergers and acquisitions.

Gao is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), China registered land appraiser and a licensed lawyer. She has more than 15 years’ experience with bank finance dealing with real estate investments, large financial institutions, and private equity.

Before joining Arcis, Gao served as deputy general manager of Capital Development Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd, where she led fund structuring and investment risk management. Gao also served as deputy general manager of Beijing Fund Capital Management Co. Ltd. as one of the core fund managers of RMB 3 billion ($440 million).

Gao previously worked at three leading Chinese financial institutions: China Minsheng Bank, China Securities Investor Protection Funds (SIPF), and PICC Life Insurance Co. Ltd. While at China Minsheng Bank, Gao served on the noncredit product evaluation committee to review the trust and fund products of over RMB 1 trillion ($15 billion).

Gao earned a doctorate degree in accounting and a master’s degree in law and from the Renmin University of China. She received a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Qingdao Technological University in China.

Gao was a visiting scholar at the University of Florida from 2015-2016, researching financial risk management strategies.

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