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What does Vanuatu’s citizenship-by-investment due-diligence fee cover?

I am interested in becoming a Vanuatu citizen through the program but am curious about the due diligence. What is considered as part of my past or my family’s? Are there any red flags we should be concerned about, or any tips you can provide?

  • Discus Holdings Ltd.
    March 08, 2019

    The due-diligence fee covers a thorough background check of the prospective applicant by the Financial Intelligence Unit (the authority responsible for the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing). Vanuatu does not want to grant citizenship to applicants with a criminal background or questionable past, so the personal details, amongst others, are checked in international databases, such as World-Check, international sanctions lists such as issued by OFAC, at Interpol and in social media, such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. The only tip I can give you that if you have a red flag in your past, you need to consult your professional advisor or possibly you should choose to apply to another country.

  • Vanuatu Information Centre
    March 09, 2019

    The due-diligence check covers all applicants to the program, but not any other family members. It is carried out by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Vanuatu, a division of the State Law Office. The check is against a number of databases, such as World-Check, Interpol, public records and the Internet. For the FIU check, you are required to submit: a certified copy of your passport; a second photo ID (certified copy); CV; police clearance (from primary place of residence will suffice); completed stage one application form.