American investor chooses Vanuatu passport to advocate for climate change

Jeanee Crane-Mauzy is a conscientious young American woman who recently acquired her second passport from Vanuatu for an unusual reason: helping fight climate change. While many others usually opt for Vanuatu to gain a passport that offers them greater global mobility, Crane-Mauzy said her main motivation to acquire a second passport from the South Pacific Ocean nation was to put a spotlight on the impact of climate change there; she even opted for donations to the government route instead of the real estate option for acquiring her second citizenship.

The multi-talented Crane-Mauzy, who is a professional halfpipe skier, now wants to help Vanuatu in another way. She is aiming to win gold at the 2026 Olympics for her second country so that the whole world knows how important the fight against climate change is. This is her investment immigration story. 

Please tell us about yourself. 

I love to travel, to dance, to cook. I spend a lot of time with my family, a lot. I compete in halfpipe skiing. I am the co-founder of a nonprofit. I own a rental property and help plan travel.

Why did you feel the need to acquire another passport when you already had a powerful one from the U.S.? What was your motivation?

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to proudly be from two countries.

I was told you want to represent Vanuatu in the 2026 Olympics. How big a factor was the Olympics in deciding where to get a second citizenship?

It was more of a second thought. My relationship with Vanuatu is first and foremost to help lesson relationships in the environmental sector and eco-tourism. My skiing following gives me the unique ability to reach across North America, Europe, and New Zealand/Australia. Competing at the Olympics, representing Vanuatu, will bring the world stage to view and be interested in Vanuatu.

How did you end up choosing Vanuatu for your second passport/citizenship? 

The resilience and desire of Vanuatu to make a difference in the world and fight climate change resonated with me and aligned with my goals.

What did you invest in Vanuatu for your citizenship?

I did a donation to the government.

Have other members of your family also taken up Vanuatu’s citizenship?

My relationship with Vanuatu is special. It’s a mutual relationship to befit both parties. Currently, I am the only family member. Although all are eager to come to visit. When I have children, they will definitely share my citizenship with me.

How long was the process to acquire the Vanuatu citizenship/passport for you?

I spoke with Jamie [James Elcocke-Harris, who is a designated CBI agent for Vanuatu and officially represents the Vanuatu Development Support Program], and his team for two or three months before officially starting the application process. After I found all the right paperwork, it was very fast under eight weeks.

How would you describe your experience working with James and his firm to acquire your citizenship? How did they help you?

James and his team are a huge factor in my relationship with the country of Vanuatu. Through their network, I have been able to build my relationship to help.

Can you describe the feeling when you got your Vanuatu citizenship? What did that mean to you?

Extremely prideful. It was a huge overwhelming feeling that I could not believe was real. A lifelong dream I had actually fulfilled. And all the opportunities that come from it.

What advice would you offer to other foreigners like you who are looking to acquire second citizenship?

Take time to really look at what your money and investments will do with that country if your morals and interests are compatible. Having a second citizenship is more than a formality, it becomes who you are.

Tell us more about your life in the U.S. and your plans for the future? Do you now intend to spend more time in Vanuatu?

I absolutely would love to spend a few months in Vanuatu every year. Currently, I am restricted with COVID. Hopefully, that will subside shortly as more of the population gets vaccinated. In the winter, I am based in Park City, Utah. I ski most days and often travel to Colorado for training and competitions. I have family outside of New York City where I grew up. I visit usually in the summer but have been here the last three weeks because of the death of my sister. I also adore Europe and visit often. I spent three months of 2021 living in Europe. Seven weeks in Paris and a month split between the Swiss Alps and Australian Alps for training camps. My only certainty is constant change.


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